Exxon Mobil, Rudy Giuliani, President Trump discussed on Richard Eeds


Is refusing to confirm whether or not the president has prepped for tonight's presidential debate, Gidley tells MSNBC. The president's main former preparation comes from answering questions from the media. I'm not going to get into whether whether or not the president has had those debate prep sessions, he said. Many times it obviously, his tit for tat with the press is a lot of debate prep that he likes to have and with the questions you guys thought him every single day. He's well prepared. Of course, he does prepare for these debates as well. The debate will take place in national and air starting at 9 P.m. eastern time. Minnesota officials are activating the National Guard after a judge drop the third degree murder charge against the former Minneapolis police officer who placed his knee on George Floyd's neck. Governor Tim Wall says calling the garden is a precautionary step. Republican senators are not thrilled with Democrats refusing to show up to vote on Judge Amy Cockney Barrett Supreme Court nomination today. Texas lawmaker Ted Cruz boycott today. Frankly, is a stunt to appease the left wing activist base. That's angry. They're angry that the Democrats are not able to stop this nomination, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced Barris nomination to the full Senate. Ah voters set for Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called the nomination process a mad rush by Republicans to get married, confirmed before the presidential election. National security adviser Robert O'Brien is promising. The U. S will fight back against foreign interference in our elections. This is something that won't be tolerated. We're going to keep a close eye on it, O'Brien says. The election will be safe and fair, law enforcement and intelligence officials revealed yesterday. Iran and Russia have been trying to influence the upcoming election. Wall Street is in the green after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin are getting close to a stimulus deal. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 153 points today. You're listening to the latest from NBC News radio. Exxon Mobil is planning for layoffs due to the Corona virus, pandemic and trouble in the oil and gas industry CEO Darrin Woods told employees yesterday. The North Texas energy giant has suffered mightily this year due to a drop in demand and needs to make job cuts. He says. Exxon Mobil is doing a massive reassessment of its North American operations, which should be completed in the New York future, would believes the pain is temporary, but noted the company is not sure when the recovery will start. Exxon Mobil cut spending by 15% earlier this year after he was depicted in a compromising position. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says he was set up President Trump's personal attorney reportedly conducted an interview for a fake conservative news program for the film Bora. NBC's Kathy Park says Giuliani is seen in a hotel room with a 24 year old actress playing Giuliani's teen daughter.

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