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She really started and led with cesar chavez something that i love about her story is that we really even today base a lot of what we know about labor organizing an and political organizing in general from the united farmworkers i'm today a lot of organizers go through trading at harvard university with marshall ganz shut out to him did you go through that trade i was an f l don't talk about it yes yeah well he talks about it because he actually was a harvard dropout marshall ganz who went to join cesar chavez and dolores huerta during the strike movement and they were so successful because they were able to actually engage the public so they were able to take a an issue related to paying farm workers a basic living wage which is already on the books ride this was like the minimum wage had already been established but they were being skirted that basic human writer that be said workers right um through a few different loopholes and what marshall ganz always points to was the tactics that they engaged actually made it very easy for the average american consumer to understand how they can make a difference and that's one of the basic lessons of organizing his tell me what i can do and why it's significant so people started boycotting nationwide the buying of california grapes in the grocery store that so incredible because it really underscores the importance of storytelling and making people see what what's at stake making them feel it and see it and understand it in their bones not just throwing a bunch of facts and figures about why they shouldn't do this or why they shouldn't do that but really illustrating why like what's at stake here and how they are a part of it and i just think it's so important to note that.

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