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CBS news on the hour real news real reporting out mass Piper at least twenty five people were killed on a recreational scuba diving trip the number climbed in these overnight hours after the early Monday morning fire of the seventy five foot boat KFMB TV's Brandon Lewis from Santa Barbara California because are telling us they have recovered the bodies of twenty people they have to know where the location is for the five others but conditions are just not safe enough for them to be able to access them authorities are expected to continue searching through the night for the remaining nine passengers some crew members survived by jumping off the vessel in using a dinghy to paddle to another boat that was nearby for help one of those crew members was killed police have interviewed the five who survived to try and figure out what went wrong and why none of the passengers seem to have made it out alive hurricane Doreen is weakened to a category three with winds around one hundred twenty miles per hour at this hour the store was still above the Bahamas but is expected to move closer to Florida's east coast today and tomorrow then head north WGCL TV is Adam Harding from St Simons Georgia with so much uncertainty in Dorian's path coastal Georgia is under a mandatory evacuation it's going to look like a ghost town yeah well much of St Simons island is already shut down as rain moves in for Kevin Foley it is a race against time what we usually see is a lot of down trees because of the live oaks and water is the biggest threat grilling highway sixteen look more like a parking lot families began making their way out of town how could you not take it seriously I mean it's the real deal Democrat West Virginia senator Joe Manchin one of the few bi partisan power brokers left in the sharply divided U. S. Senate is set to announce this morning whether or not he plans to run again for his old job as West Virginia governor CBS news has learned that aids the mansion were preparing drafts of two possible statements last night. one that signaled his intention to stay in the Senate another announcing plans to run for governor he says he's one of the only members of his party in regular contact with president trump the LA Dodgers have now extended protective netting down both outlines KCBS Doobies Jeff and when the team's president says the one hundred twenty four foot extension was made with feedback from fans and players we didn't want to wait till next year a lot of teams of decide to do that we want to do this as quickly as we could most of the bands we talked to say the new netting defeats the purpose of being in the front rows it is these are not cheap either are they how they're not they're not cheap but all sides agree it without the netting sitting by the field came with the cats this is CBS news. did you know you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app. degrees it too old three on Kerr Lewis tips top stories tonight with hurricane Dorian still churning in the Atlantic and probably making its way toward the east coast the charity world vision in grand prairie is pretty. pairing to send emergency supplies try to think about what they need right away for example right no demand the job for a little bit. play Snowbird young says they have a warehouse in grand prairie and they have previously worked to help flooding victims in Texas to. placing a time line of events now leading up to the mass shootings in Midland and Odessa over the weekend so thirty six year old Seth hater had just been fired and called both nine one one and the FBI hotline about fifteen minutes before he went on a shooting spree in both he spoke about the wrongs he had suffered police chief Michael Geier case as a pulled out an A. R. style rifle and opened fire at officers during a traffic stop then went on a shooting spree that stretch for miles the subject then proceeds west on I. twenty walleye twenty shooting at it is the civilians creating victims he enters the city of Odessa and makes his way to forty second street Carol doesn't. and again shoots multiple civilians creating victims he says later shot and killed a mail carrier stealing their postal S. U. V. and ditching his old car he was eventually gunned down by law enforcement outside a movie theater new reports suggest that eight or was fired from another job a year ago for arguing with and threatening co workers often your news radio ten eighty KRLD Haltom city police still investigating how two little girls drowned over the weekend at spring lake apartments one witness said she did at the pool only a few minutes.

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