Kinley, Rockies, Stephen Vogt discussed on Broncos Country Tonight


Hanging off speed pitch for a homer in the second inning at a sacrifice fly with the bases loaded in the fourth. 53 Rocky's here in the eighth Good, fast ball in there for a strike one Two in the first for the Rockies. D'backs answered with a pair in the bottom of the second each team with a run in the fourth Iraqis with two in the seventh. Have the lead. One on one out. Shane. Not an easy guy to double up still runs very well, especially out of that left and box. One pitch strike to called Stephen Vogt, a left handed batter is on deck. He would bat for Kelly. The other catcher. Ellie's gone over three tonight. Kinley, keeping an eye on Ahmed, who can run a couple of stolen bases in two tries. To strike pitch coming to J. Swang and Thomas. He got him down and gets his second strikeout. Kinley really in command? He did. He did issue the walk but comes right back to get J. Who's been a thorn in the Rockies side and again that breaking pitch.

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