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Please i got my head bounced off the blackboard No i had fade. You know in some ways to be honest with you. I would have preferred to have gone to catholic school then had to go to. Ccd which i did every once a week. god. I hated ccd as a catholic. Kate going to public school you had to go to. Ccd which. I did until until i was confirmed in once i was confirmed. Then i think i stopped going to see cd and you get confirmed in like seventh grade right. It was like seven eighth grade. Year confirmed confirmed in six great. Yeah what was your confirmation Oh my god. I think it was my middle name michael. I think i think it was the exact same middle name that i have. Michael kevin. Michael michael is that it would that. Is that not correct. Would i've had to pick a separate name because if that's true i don't i don't remember what it was the only member your confirmation name. I don't remember all your teachers like i do. I mean okay. I i don't you would have had to pick an a name of saint right. Yeah mine was david. I picked david. I have no idea what. Michael was a saint. So maybe why a book. David wasn't my middle name too. I had a different mentally. Thomas francis david lavera got it. I don't remember. I don't remember what my i don't remember what my confirmation up at your dad remember. I bet you my father remembers his confirmation name. But i bet you he doesn't remember mine..

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