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Your this question is advised. Nicole's Joe Questioning Authority daily. That could be the very reason why. Youtube is upset. Hey you do the music. Venue here beneath my voice is from a broadcast. Sound Library that I pay for and in Ham the receipt so I bet your copy right violation right here and now. Here's Nicole like that. Welcome to a Friday. Hi I'm so proud of us because we have made it to the end of another week. Most of US anyway and we are you know and this week was very similar to the week before which was very similar to the week before. Except when we see the numbers going up and we see the mad man at his you know to our commandeered infomercials. I don't know trying to rush things along while the the scientists are saying. Hold up buddy you know. Hold your horses as my mom used to say? We don't want to rush into anything because you open things up and we get a second wave. It's going to worse than the first so who knows what's going on. I think right now. What we need to do is take hold of. What's in our minds in our hearts and our souls and make sure where taken care of One of the casualties in this quarantine I really believe is not going to be evident for quite some time. And the casualty I'm talking about is our peace of mind We all to varying degrees struggle with some kind of mental health issues with me. It's depression has been for years with some people at the end. Zaidi some people you know. Everybody's got got our own ships and when we're stuck in a high stress situation the way we all. Are we all deal with it differently? One of the problems among many in our healthcare system is the lack of availability for good psychological help now thankfully the affordable care act made it so that mental health care was included in every insurance policy but since trump opened the door to these junk policies again you could be paying for insurance without those protections and not have no coverage or he could be like my kid. Who's you know? She turns twenty one in three weeks. Oh my God and this year bought her policy on the exchange which is way too expensive for what she gets high high deductible and copay and then premium cheap either and this is a kid a twenty year old with no medical problems but she wants to go see a therapist her copay per visit sixty five dollars. That's not affordable and that's just one of the major issues that we are going to need to deal with if and when we come out of this on the other side all right. I'm going to do things a little different today because we are so jam packed that I don't have time for a funny. I mean I guess I could but it means we'd be hitting Kelly Carlin a little later. Here's what we'll do perhaps at the end of this show We'll we'll we'll do an overtime progressive voices. Listeners won't get it but the podcast people will and people listening live. Well so we'll save the funny and the What's news for the end of the show? Today mobile fit it all in. We'll just run a little bit of over time If you listen to progress voices at five you'll get you'll get the meat of the program and the meat As I've been promoting for the week Kelly Carlin is GonNa join us at the tail end to do sort of a guided meditation. This is what she does. I mean she's got a issue was raised by her dad. George Carlin so she got the the comedy the sense of humor the irreverence. The you know the stuff that makes her like one of us and But she also studied for years and got her masters in Youngin psychology and takes very seriously and she does coaching sessions and she does seminars via zoom. We'll talk about all that but she's going to give her special assignment for today because we're all in this together so she's GonNa lead us on a guided meditation that hopefully you can use again and again. It's not just one time deal. Thankfully my show is not behind a paywall so you can share it. You can get it on Youtube. You can get it on the podcast however whatever works for you. Whatever floats your boat. Go for it but we're GONNA start with an interview that actually recorded a couple hours ago and we were recorded it mostly for logistic sake because alley they'll she and others at MSNBC and other news organizations are working pretty screwy Hours these days so he never knows when he's going to be on call there you know. Everything's all messed up so we figured we had a good chunk of time today at around noon so he hopped on skype from his home and I hopped on it from my home studio and we recorded this interview and the way it came about was just a little bit. I'm such a bitch sometimes on social media and I called out Allie for something and have long been a fan of his. I really do appreciate his work. And I think he's one of a very small handful of people at Msnbc who I truly truly respect and enjoy watching and listening to so. I felt badly when I sort of had a little tussle with him on twitter but He handled a beautifully and we became buds and we exchanged emails and I invited him on the show and well. Here's how it went joining me on the line. Now is Allie vel. She he somebody that well. We welcome into our homes all the time. I've become a big fan of Allie Bell. She's in fact. I started really following you. Allie when you joined Al Jazeera America because I was excited that for the first time in in in this era we had news channel. That was about news. It wasn't about one ideology over another the goal. There was to present news in an objective. Manner wasn't it. Yeah it was two goals. One is news in the absence of You know what we used to think of as news Being as objective as possible and we can discuss. What objectivity is because? I think we've learned over time that maybe it's not exactly what we think it is but that was one of the goals and the other goal that I thought was really important. I've been a journalist. Probably Twenty some odd years before I joined. Al Jazeera and we were really concentrated on telling stories from the perspective of the voiceless being voice for the voiceless and it occurred to me out while I had always thought about those things and I thought I was reporting about those things my life as journalist in New York City working for mainstream media. Don't expose mito whole lot of voiceless people as we go out of our way to find them. Even our most junior employees at a media organization are powerful right because they can call up anybody and tell them they're from the media So so I really. It caused me to get outside of a zone in which I had been operating. It wasn't a shift in ideology for me or the way I think about things but it really caused me to say. How do you tell stories from the perspective of the very people who don't have the voice whom you talk about whom analyze whom you characterize all the time and I have to say to call? That was a bigger challenge than I. A guy like me thought it was going to be I. I thought this was obvious right. I know who these voiceless people are. I know what their challenges are. What their lives are why didn't and and and it changed my perspective. It was. It was a remarkable experience for me for that reason and then has fortunately unfortunately. Is these things happen? Aljazeera didn't catch on here. I think it was more of a because I enjoyed watching them. I like the objectivity. I'm always looking for it because it helps me. Organize my thoughts so I can be more objective about what I cover and I'm deb. My show is not objective. News coverage it's opinion and commentary but always based in fact. That's gotta be the underlying basis otherwise it's worthless so I was. I was bummed when it went away and I wonder how much of that was Xenophobia was the fact that Al Jazeera was in Arabic network that was based in Qatar. Or an was that a big part of it. You know the other day somebody Tweeted me something that was meant to be criticism and said you know how that Aljazeera thing working for you and I I said Oh like did you watch it. They said no I never did. It was biased. So you've never watched anything on Al Jazeera America and he said no and I said would you mind looking for me and let me know what you thought was biased about that and that was the problem those people who watched even if they had political bias we had people watching us who were conservative or liberal but they felt that they could get the news And and those people who never did never didn't think so and part of that was that logo which was remarkable Arabic calligraphy. It was it was a competition. Somebody won many years ago to design the eldest logo which to the untrained eye including mine. Looks a whole lot lake Isis Lung? We don't we are not familiar with Arabic. Were certainly not familiar with Arabic calligraphy. And we're not familiar with Arabic anything right. In North American society there is car there is no chewing gum. There is no Soft drink Arabic to Americans for the last twenty. Five years has generally speaking associated with bad things. Terrorism al-Qaeda stuff like that and that was very difficult to overcome So I think that was a lot of. It's I don't think that people watched it an object to do it. I think the people who watch it actually came around to the idea. That was pretty good. We there are some people who would just never watch azan barriers would never carry. Yeah it's it's the it's the inbred bigotry. It's that institutional racism now you Allie vel. She have made no secret of your background. Your kenyan-born Muslim who grew up in Canada is now living and working here in the states and I'm guessing that you've gotten both you know. Kudos for that and some criticism because people are like that comes up every Every few weeks somebody will tweeted A as if it's criticism and like it's at my twitter bio I was actually just annoyed because for a long time. I was the most famous kenyan-born Muslim I knew until op showed up on the scene. I say tongue in cheek. I'm actually that guy. And he was never at any of the meetings so so yeah to me. I did grow up in a world. In which varied experience and diversity is of value and that can be from anywhere that could be economic where you are where you're from what you speak color. You are what gender you are what you identify with? So I've never ever ever thought of that as a negative right to me the list of stuff you are and let people make with it. A make what they will of it today The concept of being foreign immigrant Muslim Global Global in perspective Canada's some people associated with socialist. It's it's fascinating the People will quickly put you into I. I'm not actually that complex of being sorted out there to say. Hey this is this is if you wonder where my thinking comes from..

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