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I think i've always just an i've always uh my approach has always been kind of to seek out of cheer filmmakers and to be very director driven and as an actor i have always really then drawn to a tariff though making so why am i think it's because i s i study film theory and criticism and fell in love with tear filmmaking in my early twenties which israeli a huge period of growth for me as an actor and a kind of informed why i wanted to do projects i didn't wanna just be the lead in something i wanted to contribute to somebody's body of work that hopefully would be looked at and thought about and studied you know decades from now so it was about kind of contributing to somebody who i really felt like had a voice and and i think that's why i was you know drawn to people like david our dini or mary i wanna i wanna and on this question um these he did others work research grace mark zoom the this many theories is in many ways for the viewers what say listener viewer two to try to come to grips with their own preconceived prejudices around people throw the behaviors threatened the motivations of the behaviors and your left at the question who who was this person who who do you think chris maxwell i am i think that she i think that she is um somebody who whose story hunts me and has stayed with me since the moment that i read the book because she is this person that was subjected to all of these hardships throughout her life and live this really complicated horrible life but was never broken by it and and that notion of survivors survival answer riding has really stayed with me just to do it anna did she could hear it i'm not going to tell you i have i have strict orders from margaret i would not have any body what i think in our guy i checked it a sarah it's been a pleasure media thank you thank you for having me that i learned what pioneer village was there again is the star of the.

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