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Say w w has organized a steering committee as opposed to a booking committee. The committee as quote responsible for discussing with our director of wrestling operations dusty rhodes the direction of an emphasis on the various wcw money streams and the priority placed on each one so. The committee composed of jim crockett jim. Ross dusty rhodes terry allen. Jim barnett and jim heard is there to set long-term direction and emphasis and we'll have weekly meetings. I don't know why the tickles me. But jim crockett jim ross. Jim heard jim barnett. Oen magnum industy. It's dusty and magnum. That just feels like a setup for a joke. I've never seen so many guys named jim in the same room. How how this is silly. But i gotta ask. Would you guess just prefer to each other by your last name because if somebody in that room said jim foreheads turn right could have been. I don't remember it was. It was a awkward in a somewhat money way at times. But you're right. It's kind of ironic. That many guys ain't jim on the committee. Unbelievable i mean. Jim cornet was here. He got five gyms. Now i know but still goodness look the gyms and that would've helped by the way cornet being there see. Here's the thing. Here's how that should have worked. I think You you let your steering committee turn in marriages are matches our cards and you give the director arresting operations dusty. Rhodes all these options. And one of my spurn. A idea or feel and you know that that might not be bad type thing but That wasn't ever done is. It wasn't where it well organized. And we did meet and then everybody everybody would go their separate ways and You know crock obamacare charlotte desi go home Magna would go home to carolina's and then barnett and heard would commiserate about the meeting. That have a private meeting. Talk about the meaning. They will rise mozambique these questions. So who else is here. That's still building i am. That's why i had. This reported hurts favorite or heard like jr jars convenient. It was the right geography and those that don't know well always go down the road saying no one was hurt stooge. Jr that's a good excuse for your fucking failures. I'm still doing this. You're not so there's something there must be something there. So consequently Said the unity and. Let's don't discuss this and this private meeting. Let's put that on the agenda for next week and discuss with the entire group heaven agenda. Let's suppose start off opposing. What are we going to do with the title. And what are we going to do to get the title on somebody else that we think might be. Get hot ron simmons and then how do we build that person's image as the champion do we have a long term program. What's what's his first big pay per view event. Who's it with. How are we very that. I but those things haven't and of 'cause again too many cooks in the kitchen. Well when i'm in the kitchen i'm going to jr's bbq dot com. I've tweeted a picture out the other day we've been rockin that all-purpose seasoning left. And right i feel like if you're firing up the grill There's never a bad time to break out. Jr's all-purpose seasoning but megan has shown me the error of my ways. She started put it on other stuff. She put it on tomatoes. She put it on potatoes. She put it on eggs Your seasoning dude is a home run and it's back in stock and it's bigger than ever right. Yes thank you for the gulf of minced. Bring it up We talked about all the various ways that people use are all purpose. Ceasing you know started out being. I wanted to miss product being basically a rub the rav protein on the grill steaks ribs. Chicken all those things. And then I started branching out and use it in other stuff. I found out on. I liked hand fried potatoes with the purple onion. Cut up in our ideal. You and i it if nothing else it makes. My little place smell good tried privatization onions. So i realized that putting that seizing on made a different deal rate. The game change. You know. i've missed this four my little granddaughter. Sh- houston them popcorn for example i scrambled eggs. And i'm going to jack them up a little bit seasonings always right there so it has a lot of us. Rep is lunch and dinner and we do have a new manufacturer. We've changed the recipe. Just a little bit. It's great reviews. People like it better than the very very first and we did so. We got bigger size bottle for those use. It a lot. Lock yourself which. I appreciate so Still are jr's original barbecue sauce. It mom jan Really refined is our number one seller but the mustard is not too far behind Hunt the alpine honey mustard and scott. It's a great high quality Honey mustard with the personality to call jalapeno. it's really good and healthy so You know we're we're chipotle. Jetsons is some people. I use as a steak sauce. Make my meatloaf where it i did. Sound quite right did at But in any event the products are doing good. And for you know guys like you're gonna who liked to eat and we'd like to cook like to entertain us. Why missed about being oklahoma. More big outdoor kitchen and knock alma buddy sober. Tv's their pools. Air old is all set up. Unfortunately here in jacksonville where i am now as we record this you know. They're just can't have a grill. So i make do i create go to plan b. Sometimes but if you have the right seasoning you compensate for not being on the real to some degree. It doesn't replace being on the grill. But you know they got pans out now.

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