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They're streaming right now and now and now I, let's get back to the show. I have a lot of questions about the joint, but the last thing I want to see about marijuana is, do you ever brush up against the names, certain things? Because I think at this point, people have lost their mind where it's like this strange called dyslexia oil. This strange called Margaret Thatcher like that's, that's a human trying to get a handle, get control. Yeah. And that's what they're trying to do Mark the government right now in the in the big companies, they're trying to get a control point where they can control it where they can say, oh, I've, I've got blueberry, and you can't get those anywhere. But here. No, it's a weed. It grows anywhere for anybody. It's here to stay in. I don't care what you call. They asked me what your favorite strain. I says marijuana is probably my favorite street. I like that answer or they see dude like sativa or indicates that depends on what what I'm smoking. If it's a sativa loves the TV, but Indy-Car love Indika recently, my buddy Landon. I and we both don't smoke anymore. But in our day did did a lot of research. And we went to one of these fancy marijuana stores in near the beach, and someone comes up and showing him a strain. And he's like, this is lemon, cookies, zest, and you know, and it's time Scott top note of passion fruit. Everybody looks at and goes back in my day. We used to call this stress. This is trash like they were like, no, no, it's lemon. Cookie. Bread. Hey, we used to sell. Little Pinter's made out of marijuana, dust. Yes, exactly. In the there were so small. They look like toothpicks in their sold for a dollar a piece, but it helped the band get through the set we, we would share one of those little joints and would be enough because what happens with marijuana, it's like I say, it affects the brain. So even the word marijuana, even though we're even the sound of my voice has enough THC in it to trigger the brain that people. That's why they loved our record so much because people can't stone without getting stone. Just listening to us. Yeah, gestion thing. It's not what Trump's doing to the world. Now he's hypnotizing everybody. He hypnotizing and that's what that's what marijuana does to it can it's, it's just like it affects a brain. Therefore, if you even mentioned there, talk about like you, you, I know that you that you will get a buzz. Talking about it. Yeah. I'm feeling it now. I don't wanna tell you guys. It's incredible. I don't exactly know where I am, but I'm I'm rolling with it. Speaking of Trump and sort of what happened with you. Go into prison in two thousand and four. It was so based off of a ridiculous regime that was in office and it had so much to do with politics are. Are you like pulling your hair out seeing this sort of happening again, we'll no, I'm loving it. Yeah, I'm one of those. I predicted Trump did you I, you know, in my own weird way. Again, piss a lot of people out because I said it would be bad if he won and they would say, why as well, because he's a builder I says in if you did win. The only thing he knows how to do is build. So I am visioned infrastructure happening all over because as a builder, he he will get all the contracts and he would be rich beyond beyond anybody's imagination. But however, because of who he is. He, you know, Trump. Here's the way I describe Trump. No Trump is like a wild animal loose in your house. And if you mess with him, he'll crap all over. He'll he'll do all sorts of weird things. So what you gotta do you go to open the door, show him way out and you've got to put some food out there. And you've got to entice him to go out and you got to calm them down. You don't want to get him upset because that's what they're doing now. See, here's what happened with Trump. I, it's, it's on your podcast. It's it's a lot of people don't agree with me, but here's what happened with Trump. He is a con man. He just wants money and he doesn't really want the money, but he's a rich car, man..

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