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Where they. she back why aren't they pushing back they believe in federalism that believe in state rights lease they start that minority be found that's California governor Gavin Newsom during a news briefing today responded to president trump's decision to revoke an obamacare a waiver that what the state of California said its own environmental standards for vehicle emissions which are stricter than the national standard does the state have the power to set limits on carbon pollution from cars as Brady Dennis reports in The Washington Post California has had that power for the past half century until this presidential decision Brady covers the environment for the post and he's with me on a common whose life hi Brady hi thanks for having me what's a presidential motivation here. well you know we have to ask from itself for the error for you know all the motivations I think you know he has criticize California on a number of issues in the past from immigration to the way they've you know handle their forests during during the terrible force wildfires there last year in this case the trump administration is saying that you know California should not be able to set the standards for fuel efficiency across the country that that should come from the federal government and argument they're making is that there needs to be one national standard set by the federal government and that's that's part of the grounds that they're they're refusing or trying to refuse this well waiver for California to put more stricter standards in place the president said that by revoking these federal waivers on emissions would also make cars safer what does he mean by that. well the argument there the argument that his administration has made in the past and has continued to make is that if if they require not quite so fuel efficient cars as the about inspiration wanted to and that's California wants to the price of the sticker price of cars will come down people into their reasoning goes people will then more willingly buy new cars in higher numbers and that will get older less safe cars off the road and put people into new are safer cars there's a lot of debate on whether or to the degree that that would happen but that's that's president trump's argument on the house one would think that would make automakers happy. it would accept you know there's a lot of things going on for automakers I mean people care you know there's an increasing interested in electric vehicles and more fuel efficient cars although of course you know what needs to be said that that that should be in trucks are still the most popular kind of vehicles that are selling across America also I think you know we factor not just the sticker price of cars but how much over time people spend at the gas pump so wild the cost of producing the cars may come down somewhat you know what you eat you also need to factor and how much you'll spend on gas to realize that life a car so you know it depends on where you're arguing from people like to use their numbers to you know to to bolster their own argument so whichever side you're on Brady Dennis of the Washington post with us what is the next step we heard that Gavin Newsom the California governor at the top of this interview what what what's the next step from the state. sure I mean there's no doubt that this guy into up in the courts and I think a lot of folks who are who follow this you know expected this could be a really long drawn out legal fight between California and the federal government and that in itself would create a lot of uncertainty for these car companies these auto makers who are trying to and not just figure out what to do today but are often planning you know four five six years out and aren't quite sure you know what standards they need to meet in any one place so it's kind of about and and and and it's really a lot of things unresolved at this moment pretty thanks so much for sharing that with this Brady Dennis you can read the entire article at washingtonpost dot com once again Brady Dennis joining sits ten.

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