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And that's base of the field then than the outside backs can run with more confidence and go forward if Montreal bombs full 'word. Then then what happens is it will in a perfect world, you'd want to rare maybe slide out and have to cover that space if need be. Because what ends up happening specifically with Arsenal's to centreback pretty slow. So if Tamara can get out there and slow down the play, then it's better than one of their centrebacks going out there and being exposed out in that space out one of the channels. So I think Tarare is, is just a better defensive midfielder than Jacques who's this more box to box. I think the guy goes forward and looks to play passes. Maybe that led to the first card of goal right before halftime. Where he hits his needless thirty yard ball across always. Does those cross your crossfield balls that just so risky? So risky? Yeah. I mean, imagine Encarta scoring on those. You know, you play against the Chelsea or city of Liverpool. You're going to get hammered every single time. So as much as I don't, I going hard on jocks just don't think he's a good fit for that team. I think he's a good player. I don't wanna come off as a complete a whole here, but I just don't like how he fits into the system. I don't think he was ever good. I'd ever feel like an arsenal player to me and I think toreros going to be a better fit for them. And I think he's going to do more the dirty work that the team needs specifically now and given to your point, if you're gonna have your top five or six guys going forward with reckless abandon or maybe five guys and one of the outside backs to join in, you need somebody that's going to sit and not try to be scoring bombs from thirty yards out or trying to hit this killer pass. He's just gonna play simple and get into the other guys can go forward and do their thing. And I think Tarare right now I was Emory in when I saw the starting line. Up of bomb Yang and lock Zada. All right, dude. I'm in on this guy finally, and they spoil scored important goals in this game, and they look like they were having a blast playing with each other very important. By the way they have good rapport, but when jock made that mistake. All right. I'm now a memory out because if you can't see it jock has to be off, the field has got to be in that transition has to happen, and then you can move jock in January of his pissed off, but but that's what I think has to happen for for arsenal to to actually really crack on and potentially get into the top four. Yep, no chance. But I love to see him. They need to sign, they signed Socrates Sakata. The answer? No, but I mean, I don't know. They got one more sort of would be good. Yeah. Star for trying. Yeah. So next week got United and Burnley huge game coming in for United anyway because you could make an argument that if they lost this game, Josie could have been hitting the highway in whether he would have who knows hypothetical, but never. We'll never know. Ramalu Kaku essentially just big, strong man. Burnley you know, he came in the first goal was route one stuff. He's just a bigger dude through his muscles around and headed the ball in yet can go like I wanna point out the second goal, they'll actually has some really nice workup plays nice passing really look. Nice ended up being shot that was deflected or blocked right to to Koku who put it away nicely, but that at least it's step in the right direction from from United granted, it's inspir- who still are dealing with their euro problems. But it's there's a sill. There's at least some some positives to take away for free. United fans, which it's been awhile for them? Yeah, I would say what I really liked about this United performance was it built off of the Spurs performance when they lost three zero, but they win for it. They were attacking with more numbers in with a little bit more purpose..

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