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At a hair extra let's say with with a drummer withdrawn etete who is as drummer you know he this is what i hear in it and he would tell ronnie or show money even you know what it was that he felt on the same with qatar and uh i was so impressed i've been to nashville uh when he recorded but i think the best one was when he recorded in memphis said american sound and that's where in a ghetto came out of suspicious mines it was it was captivating you just sat down and watched him and he would get so involved with with a song in his feelings in a buddhist get lost get lost in the song hm he referenced in the ghetto so i love to play a little piece of it now just for fun as as the the snow snow owner cold and race icago mall in our little baby is visible in the game too bad news immobile gold has their memorial day her she known leaders of no that set in the ghetto elvis presley i'm here with priscilla presley she is the executive producer of christmas with elvis and the royal philharmonic orchestra she was married elvis as well priscilla elvis was one of the biggest stars in the world and presumably you know he and you when you were together could do anything you wanted to do at any time in i don't imagine that there were many things you were wanting four or a lack of occasions or things to celebrate in your lives so what made christmas a particularly special time for you to well hell that that was his favorite time of year he was like a kid at this time of year i mean he loved to to buy gifts uh he would pick out his own his own guess for for people um he would call the jeweler uh harry leverage who lived in memphis and he would tell harry you know to bring bring some pieces he wants to see it he wants to get presents you know forever he was thinking oven.

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