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I really don't. Is the last of these always suck. It's like. Can't pick. It's it's tough when you camping pick. I've got a couple of arrival. It's not a big indie rock fan today. So my morning jacket, Wilco head in the heart or my core right now. But I mean, I'm a giant classic rock guy. Bob Dylan, the Byrds back on it. It's really not that Pearl Jam come on, put on ninety. One hit wonders. I'm right in my feel. You know what I mean? If you know what I mean, it's gross, but you know what I mean? I know you're white. I know that I listen to like way too many different types of music to through, but I'll just say like, I can never go wrong with listening to somebody get never. Like what like like Hispanic? RAB combined with reggae. Almost like a dance music kind of something like that, like a prime. It's always it's not the same as Spanish for Latin rap, which is different. It's more like daddy, Yankee or a little bit. My Luma Jabe Alvin Vilem. Oh, take me over that. I've done. Yeah, that's not ringing tone. All right. Daddy, Yankee or Yankee is the is the big one. For me for me, top music acts like things just keep ending up in my playlist like all the time. It's hard to say a little bit, but I would say, and you're gonna laugh, militantly Milly vanilla. How. No, it's not that it's going to be probably one of the most say pants era, just I mean, it's borderline gospel for me out music too. In a way, you know, it's definitely romantic. When I think of by demons be driven, I think I wanna kiss a girl rookies right. Wow, taking it there. No one gets to this point in this show. We know that everyone has. Tuned. Hold on. I'm gonna pull up fucking hell. Hold on. Let me pull this up at. Oh, yeah. The other one I was going to say. Always gonna side, but the other act that I swear to God when I say it's not true but has had the biggest effect on my tastes is a close. Second would be Depeche mode, but then we'll be Sam Cooke, Sam Cooke to me is might be the most talented musician I've ever heard in my life period, independent of style independent of anything. I just can't believe how good he is and. You know, like Brian womanizer. All right. Let's go to the next hockey. How dare you do you think pay per view and overall viewership Chuck will be better when you have transitions over to? Yes, PIN I hope so. I really do. I want the sports kinda start thriving again. You know, it's a lot more fun to cover when you have multiple stars and everywhere. It's not. It is hot and you've got multiple every event, looks like an event because there's a big star in each one. I love it when it's like that. So I hope we return to that..

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