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Too. There's something or compelling anyway and so what's your purely happy incident and your life really happy incident. Well I think I mean movie wise Personally I graduated from high school or something this particular Well I was a say you know working with Greta. I mean knowing grab meeting Greta but working together with her on Francis and also also meeting atom on Francis. I mean both that movie in a way has has. It's sort of two. I'd say to my most important collaborators but also to Migrate Friends And you know I knew before Francis but working that way together there was joyful and you at all nervous because sometimes that can be difficult. It will we weren't a couple and so we were but still having any kind of collaborator. You're used to working on your own. Yeah well we kind of it found its natural this sort of natural. I don't know what it called. Call the mega parameters that SORTA faller barriers. That followed were I. I know she was very much an actor in the movie but also because she co authored a cheap you know she was very much approach. The shorthand was there. She knew the whole movie so well obviously and and then having Adam come in and sort of having him to also also in some ways do the lines as if he kind of had invented them in some way to I mean it's it's that I think the thing would both both of them were. I felt like this immediate familiarity. But then when they're performing their doing something also that is that in a sense almost sort of Adam issues this sort sort of notion of benign rebellion as as acting. But there is that sort of thing that they're almost rebelling back. You know but in the way that that the material needs needs it. That's where the aliveness is. That's where the what what you you require from an actor but I think it changed how I mean meeting Greta. Change how I have changed how I solved the world in a Lotta ways to I mean and and she has like I always i. I felt a real familiarity which I think we recognize each other but also a I always felt like I wanted to be better for her. Are Hackers like this. The same thing about you know. Well that's nice. I think I better because you taught her all these things. Well it's I I think I guess maybe that's that's good is that we both thought were learning. It's great I'd maybe we were both Mantech. Yeah it's very romantic to work with someone you're involved with to me. That's a very romantic thing and scary because it almost you you know. It's hard to imagine what if you fight or what if something goes wrong. Does that concern you ever will. It's sort of what I put in. Marriage story was the fact that they work together. Because I did feel it raised the stakes in a way that that made it. You know that that she says Muse. And Yeah and collaborator and there is this sort. The feeling of of of not only is this relationship you know over over as they as they certainly as they no it. So is this real you know. They're on their own. And it's like a band breaking up or something like you know. Now you're GonNa get you know. Imagine Ram you know both really brilliant records record but solar records. I'm always interested in. I Love Beatles Solo records because I do think there's something about the because the Beatles are sort of in the sense like so fully formed and there. Is this sort of thing of like you. It's hard to to almost like you not to unpack it. It's like it's it's just like it's like beauty you know it's a cycle the air and then when they're performing when they're doing doing their own things there is that thing like. Oh you see you get to see inside it in a way that you couldn't there's I think careers are so interesting. That way afflict people's careers like Bergman as a quote about after persona the movie after persona which is hour of the wolf which she said which been persona was so well received received the media classic and then our the Wolf I guess at the time people really and he said I understand what they were saying. You know about certain things about it and you know He said but it was an unsteady step in the right direction. And I think that's a beautiful way to describe like what's necessary in a career. Is this sort of like searching and finding and you know and I love movies and records by people were you feel them between Things because you do see it in a way that you don't see it otherwise persona I I think as a masterpiece and it's near perfect movie and I found it almost almost impenetrable for that reason because it's so mysterious and that's why it makes it. A great movie is that I watch it and I get something new every time but I don't the watching like our the wolf in passionate of Anna and shame that come after it where you see sort of this other. It's the imperfection that makes them so interesting and sometimes even almost learn more. Because you're you see what they're figuring out and it makes it more. Sometimes you know those ones I will keep returning to for that reason. I don't know how I got on that. Beatles love that one more thought though so like Bergman and like other directors you kind of work with similar people like Adam and various others mickey in various people show up again and again is that Dean Wareham. Yes exactly who was in a bad luna galaxy five hundred minimum broke up and accorded with his wife. Yeah Yeah Yeah. He's coming into my brain and weird ways do you. I like that. Is that easier. Do you find that something. You always strived for I mean Jesse. Eisenberg hasn't come back but I'm waiting you work with Jesse see again. Yeah I you know. It's kind of sad movie three. Actually it was a news in Alexa Adams. In what four four and our young gradison three of them and I love it. I mean I think it's kind of my fantasy when I started making movies. Was You know and I actually did it. From kicking screaming to Mr Jealousy. I used a lot of the same people again but I think in a lot of cases it's very the winter more. What's the women vary more than the men I guess so maybe not quite as Greta? Yes yes hi replace. No she is She's a one off a unique unique. But I in some cases crew is I I use people again because I think I was living with that fantasy of like I found my group and everything and I wasn't. They weren't necessarily the right people for for me and I think sometimes you you can't force that on you know you have to really find those things for real and know when they are for real. 'cause you know not unlike these falling for these relationships we're talking about you. Radars not catching but and again why think about Adam and Greta and Francis being kind of a happy thing that was because I feel like that you're people found my people and and but I I also think that again depending on the project and some projects I think the familly familiarity goes back to park slope even like shooting in New York. There are some movies that feel like that. Familiarity in in those ways is is is an inorganic part of the material and important for the material. And then there's there's some movies reason subjects where I feel like it kind of needs something new. You know. You don't want you need to get out of that you know and you mix it up a little bit and maybe bring new is in new way to bring in you know work with the different cameraman for the first time or something working with Robbie and Meyer Whitson Marriage story. was you know. Oh exciting for me because I he and I have together and found sort of new.

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