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Father's day right around the corner and you can gobble this up all the great stuff with johnny oh you can if you enter now you got a chance to win the johnnie o stand up paddle board signed by us five hundred dollars in johnny oh gear the twitter button that johnny o gamechanger fritzy's got the twitter button on today do by the way if you're watching and you see fritzy shave one half of his face it might be curious as to what's going yeah we wanted to see if he can have a five o'clock shadow by the by the end of the show but johnny oh go to johnny o dot com slash dp show for more all right we'll be back your phone calls coming up we'll tell you what the poll question is this meet friday this is the dan patrick show if you are a wwe fan then you have got to check out the wwe network it's an online video streaming service where you can stream every wwe pay per view live you get more than ten thousand hours of video on demand you can get a look behind the scenes with wwe's groundbreaking original series documentaries access at anywhere anytime on any device including game consoles tv's phones tablets and computers and now through june eighteenth a special offer just for our listeners new subscribers get a two month free trial when they sign up for wwe network at wwe network dot com slash dan that's wwe network dot com slash dan and check this out this is absolutely huge that free two month trial includes two pay per view money in the bank on june seventeenth and extreme rules july fifteenth where for one night only wwe throws out the rule book and let's the superstars compete in matches where anything goes go to wwe network dot com slash dan to start your free two month trial that's wwe network dot com slash dan for a free two month trial these days news travels lightningfast which is great if you're a sports fan between status updates breaking news notifications in twitter feeds you can always be up to the minute on every team in every game and while this is great for sports fans it's the opposite when it comes to buying a car go on.

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