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Now i think in the runup to bitcoin gold we saw novel one of those and i think we're gonna see it four cyclic too lax which is people are going to even if they don't believe this is going to be successful even if they they think set to x will not succeed in in doing anything more the bitcoin cash that they still wall on the free coins so why the hell not and that means a lot more people are going to try and set up their own wallets gain independence and autonomy and control over their own keys and ironically the thing that does is all the people who may have been diversified in ulsan icl is in tolkien's and whatever say okay hang on a second just for this week i'm going to sell all of that style from buy into bitcoin's that can maximise might bounty allocation and i think that's driving some of the price increase and some of the movement from all into bitcoin it's the fear of missing out the airdrop airdropped form all the excitement about all coins the excitement about stuff that's other than bitcoin things that are smaller than bitcoin and so have a greater potential to kind of expand has really always been something that at least in bitcoin became the big cryptocurrency when that actually you know when that actually started a matter that bitcoin is largely missed out on you know it it gets used as the interface by which people get into these things but it has never directly benefited from that affect itself outside of kind of the really early minor stage so i think that's a really kind of exciting prospect that might make bitcoin a bit more an exciting purchased a simply because now it seems to be throwing would look a lot like you know cryptocurrency dividends if you want to call that like bitcoin didn't change.

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