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New studies show Minority Children are more severely affected by Cove it 19 based on hospitalization rates. Dr Alicia Fernandez at the University of California You know Children are eight times more likely to be hospitalized with covert than white Children and African American Children are about five times more like another baseball game, is sidelined by the virus. Another Cardinals player tested positive postponing today's game against the cousins. This is AP News. Homeland Security reports. It's found an underground smuggling tunnel that stretches from Mexico to Arizona. It's being described by government officials is one of the most sophisticated tunnels in U. S history. The intention was smuggling. It went from San Luis Rio, Colorado, Mexico to San Luis, Arizona, where it stops short of reaching the surface. It had a ventilation system, water lines, electrical wiring, a rail system and extensive reinforcement. Homeland Security investigators started excavating around the tunnel a few weeks ago after someone reported a sinkhole. I'm Ed Donahue, Florida deputies near Tampa shot and killed a man who kidnapped an ex girlfriend and shot her companion. A woman says he made her drive away. She deliberately crashed into a ditch. The president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has died. Lorenzo Soria was 68. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News Thank you for its Macy's one day sale with deals of the day, so you don't need a coupon get 30 to 50% off women sandals, sneakers and more. And no matter how you're going.

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