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Signs of intoxication investigators say if the driver survives they will pursue animal cruelty charges in a D. W. I. charge Kelly wheeze newsradio ten eighty KRLD weather center right now we've got one actually working in Dallas she's found six thirty five just east of highway seventy five approach in that area do use caution also heads up we've got some striping work northbound thirty five from medical district mocking bird as well most this evening who should get down to about seventy nine degrees tomorrow Saturday mostly sunny high year ninety seven low near seventy seven heat index of a hundred degrees on Sunday high near ninety seven alone you're seventy seven we have a trend going there on Monday a high near ninety two alone you're seventy three but a thirty percent chance of some form of precipitation right now it's eighty six degrees so feels like ninety one to KRLD I'm Gerry Hotchkiss the gel pack show continues now on news radio ten eighty K. R. L. D. this week find great deals at Walgreens now all twelve packs offerings are three four nine ninety nine with cart and select varieties of tide simply clean laundry detergent are one ninety five with couponing card get great deals on the everyday essentials you need right here at your neighborhood Walgreens well greens trusted since nineteen oh one while supplies last restrictions and exclusions apply.

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