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That's the thing. Hollywood got a horrible. We going on. In Hollywood has has like, I feel like it's this. It's kind of been the culture here, right? It's it's been the culture, everybody, wait the number one predator of all time. Harvey Weinstein, he said everybody does it. Yeah, there's things that it's a witch there is this is crazy. No, no. The number one guy said, this is what we do this. So you got that feeling but like you're an industry so you know like, but what do you feel about people who knew about it but didn't say anything you that they're complicit it. You don't want talking about. It's hard to prove a conspiracy because you have to get to people in our own and and put a camera on. And it's like, man, they said, we're going to get them. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. And then all of a sudden you gotta conspiracy, you can never prove that. And the mistake people make is trying to prove that. All right, but you can't prove a complicit system. The system is wire to let these guys go. What happened to me do what was so crazy the statute of limitations on on what he what this guy did to me was first of all, it's considered a misdemeanor because he touched me through my clothing. So you could grab any woman you want as long as you still got clothes on. It's only the statue of limitations is a year and it's a misdemeanor. So you talking about a very, very quick amount of time then you talking about it was, and then they said, well, it would have been a felony had he reached down all this. Okay. And then you talking about the statute of limitation. Nations where you know coming out about something like this. And what we're talking about two. If on a street, I don't know, Powell get off, get off me, but what we're talking about the whole 'nother dynamic. Yeah, we're talking about the head of the motion picture department at my agency. He is sliced owns Asia. He's Adam, sandlers Asia. He's Eddie Murphy's Asia. I work with all three of them. What is he going to say about me? Your sound. I mean, if I say so you know what the incoming calls are coming today gency Terry, he's he lost it. You know what? He's don't get any more goodbye and all of a sudden I dry up. But this is where my only salvation was my only salvation was in being public because now is the man if somebody's following you and you won't get a room and say, you know, I think my follow me. They go. Because this is how they operate. The secrecy protects right, and this complicit system is about secrecy. The complicit system is about remember now there's a lot of guys in the system, and there's a lot of men on the LAPD as a lot of men in the court system that I well, my son would get caught in something like that. I let that go. Yeah, and all of a sudden women were come and all of a sudden the throw out the charges, it would disappear. I mean, dude, the guy that raped the girl behind a dumpster didn't try to throw in it. He got six months girl was knocked out. He was rape burner and the judge was like, we can't ruin. You know, we can't ruin the guy live, but you're just ROY. That's the your hundred percent right this the system is is set up for and this is what I try to tell people all the time. It's it's set up for. The entire judicial system has a problem. And the problem with this assistant is that it it. Either unbiased. I mean, I mean unbeknownst to them or known to them is, is. Putting people of color at a higher risk of getting incarcerated more than than the non people call it. It is what it is like the. I mean, the CDC came out and said that that white folks for use drugs at the same rate, but black folks are locked up for higher percentages. It's it's, it's complicit, but like trying to explain that to people is trying to trying to divorce race from politics in this country is impossible. It's just impossible. And like when you're dealing with the power structure like that is set up to protect white men, but would you touch white clients like that? No, no. Gotten support from other clients or other other actors? Tons of accuracy. Of actors who come to sport..

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