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It is smart Davut. They should have it. I think also because it's a not a thought somebody's actual like a commercial building. But. Tara wants to know, I love seeing Kato's nomination speech. Get repeatedly interrupted was at the worst nomination speech since Sam 's BB twenty the opposite of female empowerment lecture, Melissa, it was a pretty bad speech. I can't I'm totally on offense though, about whether I like people, interrupting these speeches or not I feel like I I don't like it because it ruins the decorum of the nominations. And you know, it like, it's it's you're supposed to be respectful of the show wage, that's kind of thing. And then win the nominations happen. You're supposed to just like, you know, suck it up and take it. But at the same time, it creates an very interesting episode, and it creates fun moments to watch and talk about, but I just I don't like I wouldn't like this to be a pattern that happens every single time because then it just devolves into nobody can get like people plan these speeches out, maybe Cato, didn't really. Plan is really plan. These six of the seven dwarves weren't happy was planned. His family. Probably really he says he has a lot of canned phrases. I think and can jokes. And he just like throws them out wherever the moment might right? I feel like counterpoint Melissa there though is can anyone respect Kato kaylin? It'd be after tonight. Yes. I certainly can't again. Meli hertie. Okay. Tend to Taryn want those who does Melissa casual mom like on this season. Have you checked in with your mom about celebrity big, brother? I need to check in with her again, but she was disappointed that Jonathan left. She was not happy that that was something. I think she wanted him to stick around. She likes the players who were there to like in it to win it and deploy. And I don't think that she she didn't follow him from his movie career that she just like them on the show. Yes, he she doesn't really know. A lot of the people that are currently on the show. She knows you know, real housewives and stuff like that. So she's not really following these people or join these people because of their previous careers, it's based on who's playing the game and who's really trying and you know, that's what she maybe much of a casual and maybe not, you know, she she may be I think I think she's a little tainted because I give her too much information. L didn't fall far from the tree so trail tree of temptation. All right. So let's talk about the weekend on the live feeds as we start to get ready for tomorrow night's Vic Shen episode if you are going to be bouncing out here. We got a great show on Monday night Caitlin Herman scheduled to be here with us in the studio very excited about that coming up on Monday nights. So be on the lookout for that. And everybody else. Let's talk about what's going on with the spoilers. The office of civil defense issue with the following message. This is. Spoiler. Spoiler than actual player goes to this country has and protective action shooting take. All right spoilers are here. Okay. All right. So melissa. We got a vote coming up tomorrow..

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