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Wakes up to date is like what? Oh is that? Right. Yeah. Let's get him on fifty nine years old. When's the last time anyone never started Kurtis blow? Right. Exactly. Sorry. I didn't leave enough time for this to San Diego State segment. We'll do that. Next segment. I promise. Let me make one comment here about. All the feminist progressive congresswoman wearing white we talked about that. When did we talk about that? Twelve thirty. Twelve thirty twelve thirty with this segment about Suffragettes, which is why they wore white time to play this clip. But President Trump talked about how women benefited have been benefited the most from the economic growth. Fifty eight percent of jobs new jobs, still by women, and he got all the feminist wearing white to stand up and applaud that and not only started USA chant. But what's weird is in the middle of the applauding? The the women the congressmen were applauding themselves and everyone else turned to face them and applauded them. When the president talked about job growth for women, and it was a moment. Because it was as if they created the jobs. It was very like those women are the women who voted against the Trump tax cuts. They vote against all the economic growing bills that conservatives want. These women who are wearing white who were applauding for the latest job numbers. They've never created a job in their lives. And I'm going to be fair. No one in that chambers ever created job. Maybe there's a few business owners who there were there were business owners before politicians. Sure, I'll give him credit there. But for the most part. At least capacity of congressman. They've never created a single job at best. They get the government out of the way of job creators, but that's not the same as creating a job if Eric want. I'm not gonna use Eric sorry Eric's mood, right now miles wanted to just keeps coming. Come here. If miles went to his kitchen to make dinner, and I blocked the door to the kitchen, and then I get out of his way. So that he goes and makes dinner he take the elevator is is that the same as me making dinner. You would make like if I get out of your way. I'm blocking you in the hallway. And I finally get out of the way and you make a sandwich. Did I make a sandwich? Of course, miles made the sandwich. So so if the best to congressman can do is get out of the way of a job creator. That's not the same as them creating jobs, the women who were applauding, and we are to applaud they speak out against Howard Schultz because he's a billionaire. He's the only job created the Democrats who's running for president. But they attack him because he's. A white man rich white, man. So I don't know why we're plotting these people. At best. And they don't even deserve. This not not the women who are wearing white. But a best we say thank you for getting out of the way. So that. People could create more jobs. I just I take off. So let me channel Eric. I get so furious when these. Easy. No good. Start taking crane. John crease taking my money in the process relaxed, and it's gonna be alright. Arolla? I that help you feel better to make a little role reversal now. Three.

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