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Sports flag I'm Mike McCann Sunday night football not exactly a cliffhanger Patrick my homes and she's rather winning streak to five all past the bears at Soldier Field twenty six the three eagles and cowboys that was the game of the day as they battled for control in the NFC east Dallas trailing by eight that Prescott of the boys still had a chance to tie for a single deep down the group that bread share mine cowboys radio Philadelphia holds on seventeen tonight they go a game up on Dallas heading into week seventeen Seahawks ball game back of the Niners in the NFC west they were offended by the cardinals twenty seven thirteen ravens knock off the Browns thirty one fifteen Baltimore proving to thirteen in two they will be the number one seed in the AFC here's their second year quarterback Lamar Jackson thirteenth two does the home we we got a great group of guys I'm I'm just right now I'm starting was it a bit on the plane probably but I'm just happy and we got a great ride going on right now on just got to keep going falcons the care the Jaguars twenty four twelve what was the jet sixteen the Steelers ten a good day to score thirty eight dolphins over the bangles thirty eight thirty five colts put up thirty eight on the path to score just six and the saints ten better than the Titans thirty eight twenty eight world's defense sacked Ryan Tannehill five times Broncos beat the lions twenty seven sixteen giants in overtime forty one thirty five in Washington raiders beat the Chargers twenty four seventeen out of the NBA lebron James sat out Anthony Davis at thirty two for the Lakers who still lost through the nuggets why twenty four finals one twenty eight one oh four earlier it was the thunder one eighteen the clippers won twelve Celtics by six over the Hornets raptor three better than the Mavericks and the books with eighteen points and nineteen boards realness defeated the Pacers one seventeen eighty nine hockey golden knights at three one win over the sharks Rangers took care of the ducks five to one coyotes over the red wings five two and the flames box office stars five to one baseball free agent signings you bet off picture leaves but actually for the American League east hundred real now a blue Jay after signing a four year eighty million dollar contract Pronto also pick up the former brewers infielder Travis Shaw big water for Saturday night Dallas conical signs with the white Sox a three year fifty five million dollar contract and I'm Mike McCann America's favorite punter is on your favorite radio station the lack of the show days one two three on the extra sports thirteen well the difference I like it I like being the American woman and I like that you are listening all around America happy on the go merry Christmas to you it is Christmas week we're already into Hanukkah the festival of lights if the holidays and not only my oozing holiday cheer but I'm also drunk on football scenarios while I've been talking about them all day long my family is in jail already my family arrived for Christmas week on Saturday afternoon and my poor mama her I. boulder popping out of her head after hours of listening to me talk about football but she is a trooper so we have got four hours to get it together and not only go through the crazy week seventeen scenarios as we tell you what we know but also talk about some of these stunning surprising results from week sixteen in the NFL was still one game to call we've got Packers and Vikings both into the playoffs now we do know the Minnesota Vikings have clinched a playoff spot that came courtesy of the rams you know how many teams have clinched playoff spot to the end of the this year because of the rams losses I seriously think four of the six teams in the NFC have locked up their playoff spots by virtue of Los Angeles losing overkill for a kid we still have that game to come on Monday night in the end of the north which could decide the division title but a lot has happened since we last spoke three games on Saturday all affecting the postseason picture and a full slate on Sunday and this is our typical NFL Sunday show except it's also my only show the work week you know I have to spend time with my family they traveled all this way so four hours it's a.

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