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We get I got one more. I want your take on. Okay, let's do it Moses Moody. Who that's a good one. Yeah, so last night I think a 24 points and win versus Alabama. I like how to put this like had some free throws Miss some stuff from 3 anytime anytime on closed out hard on him. He kind of just like reversed the ball gets his points on the offensive glass. Are we buying he's as good of a shooter as kind of being sold to us. So is that reaction that was like a cartoon character, you know with like steam coming out their ears and trying to figure out what to say. It's almost not worth shooting their worries me. It's the like is there like some Aaron Naismith here with ya toes. This is kolis in terms of like game like where there's not a crazy amount of it. I don't go in there. I think most of booties body is a little bit better and I've watched a lot of Naismith with the Celtics and he's not there yet me and at least for for Moody all she's done it against quality SEC opponents where Andy Smith I think played one game in conference before he got hurt and shut it down. So his numbers are kind of inflated playing a weaker non-conference schedule. So I gave him credit for that. I just think he's still best as this catch-and-shoot guy, but does he do enough off the dribble or is he just kind of gotta be this 3 in D guy and strong? People have him like 6th and some people have them like twenty-two. So there's a a wide range but I don't really know kind of where I think he ends up cuz he put him down next Corey kispert. It's like, okay. Well, of course, it just hurts a better shooter if we're just kind of going through and dear so I don't know where he kind of fits in the equation so moody definitely has more defensive upside than Courtney. I think yes. It was very good Defender Milford Academy too. So like that's the thing that's carried over he's bought in like he does defend. Yeah. I don't think he's nearly as gifted as an offensive player. I don't think he sees the court as well as Casper does I don't think he tax Closeouts as well kiss words, obviously just like a better shooter cuz Corey kispert the best shooter in this draft class. Of course, he's a better shooter, right Corey kispert this year is by the way his his 6059t race is unfortunately slowing down. Yeah, it's still a 56-46 88. I'm telling you man cursed I put out like a quick video of how he's otherworldly shooter and then goes over 443 the next game. Yeah, it's unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. But both forty-two. It's like he he was sixteen 419 from the free throw line last night, which you credit to the guy for getting to the free-throw line, but that ain't that's just not happening NBA. Here's not getting phone calls and you're not getting that many opportunities at the rent either. Yeah. I don't really see him like Blowing by Defenders on Closeouts. Right? Like I just don't see that when I watch him like he had ten free throws against Mississippi Valley State. He had 10 against texas-arlington. He had 10 against Missouri earlier this year. He had 7 against Florida six against Missouri like six against Oral Roberts. Who by the way Oral Roberts need I'm going to throw a couple of names out there for people Max oddness who is their point guard he is awesome. Their point guard is fucking incredible. Have you watched him yet? I have not not knob..

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