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This is may 17th, and this is the bruins beat on CL and S media. Log back into the bruins beat on seal on this media my name is Evan Marino. I hope you guys are having a great day. I agree, we hopefully you've kind of recovered from the brewing 7 game loss to the hurricanes. Not the most fun of times, and it is now the off season. As unfortunate, but before we dive into the off season, I do want to say and give a sincere thank you to all of you listeners, your support literally makes this happen. Listening every week interacting with me on Twitter or comments, it's amazing. I love doing it. And I seriously appreciate all the support you guys have given me. Over the past bunch of years, it has been so much fun bringing this to you every week. I really enjoy doing this, same with poke the bear that we do on either Wednesdays or Thursdays. So much fun. And again, just a sincere thank you to all the great listeners to all of you guys. Out there. But as you know, as you listeners know, the content doesn't stop. Continues. There's a lot of off season stuff to discuss. And Conor and I sort of hit on this early now. We don't dive super deep into every topic some we do just because again, I think we're going to dive a lot deeper in the coming weeks as things become more clear. We kind of just give our first impressions of what needs to happen. And as the title of this podcast says, where do the bruins go from here? Like, what is next? And so I think it's a dilemma. And it feels like I say this every off season, but this off season is ridiculously interesting because even the past couple it was like they're still competing, they're still competing. Now you need to, they can still compete, but there need to be bigger changes done. And we get into that in this episode. Remember, our Brunswick is always sponsored by good friends over at bed online. Use that promo code CLS 50 and without further ado, here's my conversation. With Conor Ryan. And.

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