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Cool cold. Before. Made you hard shadow. The things didn't do. What? Daf'al and barrel. That you. Two. Oh. And male co. Norah Jones, cold, cold, heart, and Johnny cash, I walk the line, the songbook WNYC couple of country pages. And now we go back to the glory days of the Ellington, the Duke Ellington, famous orchestra. If you will, and Johnny hartman's take on, I let a song go out of my heart. Let us. Was this. I know. Loss. This. Does it mean to me? Come XYZ news. I know. Two. No. That. Two. Joe's. Lettuce. No. I say. Won't know Sweden news. Two. Little saw my. Would I? I won't know sweet music. Onto. The. First of me. Eight is moving. Spring is here. So blow your job your job. Away. Now's the time to trust to your wander loves. Sit is just you. Wait must you. Wait, just you. In mountain Regnery way. I've got eight scenery just too crazy people to. While you love your lover skies, your couplet when it rains will with. And if you're. How such? So you can while I stand. Beans. Get no Kanari sip being.

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