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To mid sixties. Only in the mid fifties, though, is the sun returns on Friday, right now, 74 degrees in Boston, a Boston connection to disgrace us Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Karen Regal has the story. 2015 Cardinal Sean O'Malley was sent a letter warning of Theodore McCarrick behavior, alleging the different cardinal would often abuse. Other Somali says he never saw that letter and 2018 O'Malley apologized. O'Malley was sent the letter because of his position with the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. Karen Regal W B Z Boston's NewsRadio Holyoke Soldiers Home coalition has made an online memorial to the veterans that died of covert 19 at that home. At least 76 veterans at the home died of the virus since the pandemic started to leaders of the home were criminally charged. The coalition was formed this year after family members of those who died joined with members of the western Massachusetts veteran community. Mayor Bill de Blasio is warning New Yorkers schools will go all virtual. If the Grotta virus infection seven day average. It's 3%. It is getting tighter and tighter, and we need to fight back with everything we got. I mean, everybody is responsible. So those personal choices around the mask wearing and being particularly careful indoors Right now, the seven day average is a little below 2.5% in New York City. Meantime, in some New York neighborhoods, youngsters are throwing caution to the wind. The Staten Island neighborhood off Tottenville has the highest positivity rates in the city. This resident reacts under just down. There's no boundaries over there. Everyone hangs out. Everyone's together. All the teenagers over there. We know they're all gathering. I've heard I'm a mom. I've heard about the hangout from the teenagers and you see it on Facebook are dozens of volunteers around the burrow will be encouraging folks to get tested and hand out masks. At Oklahoma State leaders say it's time to take over 19 action cases there, and hospitalizations are spiking Kuvin 19 cases in Oklahoma are skyrocketing and out. Democrats in the state are calling on the Republican governor to do what Utah's Republican governor adjusted and implement a statewide mask mandate. A state's own epidemiology report shows that the virus Is threading slower and communities with mask orders then and those without Oklahoma State representative Emily Virgin is calling on the governor to implement in order immediately and once an exemption for in person public meetings like Stone, ABC, Nair's Berlin, New Hampshire is mulling a facemask order because of the pandemic, the mayor Hubley City Says they managed to avoid a mass mandate in the last Corona virus wave in the spring. But now it needs one. His cases there have been rising. The Pittsburgh Steelers are off to a great start, they'd know. But now covert 19 is disrupting some of the team's plans. With the Steelers off to a NATO no start. Veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and three others had been in close contact with tight and Vance McDonald. He tested positive after Sunday's when it Dallas that means they must quarantine for five days and are unable to visit the team's practice facility. But they can participate virtually in order to play on Sunday at home against Cincinnati. All four US past covert 19 tests Throughout the week. Running back Jalen Samuels, offensive lineman Gerald Hawkins and linebacker Vince Williams joined ruthless burger on the covert list. I'm Shelly Adler, 3 30 Eights off the Wall Street. Andro Day is at Bloomberg's We close in on the closing bell on this Tuesday. Finishing numbers for the Dow and NASDAQ look pretty similar to yesterday, not quite as high for the Dow, but the ups and downs. Indeed, it's It's certainly a tale of two markets. Investors on Wall Street kind of wondering today whether they got ahead of themselves with the rally we've seen this month, especially investors in tech companies. Tex shares have been falling today. Even as the Dow presses ever higher gaining 236. NASDAQ Down 153 S and P 500 down six. The biggest single reason for the downs. Advance is Boeing shares up 5%. Is that 7 37 Max could get a clean bill of health as soon as next week. The Federal Aviation Administration says the regulator expects to complete its review in the coming days. Sources tell Bloomberg and others that November 18th could be the day the Max is cleared for commercial service. In the US now. Gaming 242. NASDAQ Down 1 57 Andrew Rhodey Bloomberg Business on W. B Z, Boston's news radio speaker Because it doesn't matter how you say it. Spot speaker just haven't played W B C news radio on my heart radio. Wicked smart. We're.

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