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When people will say oh my god you speak my language or for the first time years ten tenures i don't feel so lone then the other thing that we do here is we actually help people access to care we have the largest nonbiased referral database of in the country of everything from outpatient providers to acute medical stabilization because we want people to be connected to care unless we do a lot of advocacy in fact right before i got on this podcast i was actually getting ready i'm leaving tomorrow morning to go to dc go up there numerous times a year we meet with legislators on how to to advocate for eating disorder access to care for education an as a non so political gig i i love it it's fun that's awesome i so i know so you're working with like going to dc and everything so you actually got i know brock obama to sign some sort of legislation to something with eating disorders yeah tell us like exactly what that was yeah absolutely you know i don't know about you guys but i actually slept through marican government class and undergrad i'm so not politically my dinner oriented and i and you know about exteriors going to my first trip to dc to meet with leaders and i had no idea what i wanted to say or why was there or why am i congressman cared about what i had to say as i wanted to his office and sitting across from me and he looks like so why are you here and i was like i don't know i don't know why i'm here and then go lee started asking me you know about my story and i told him and you know he actually listened and in that moment something inside of me shifted where i realized that you know for so long the depths of my eating disorder i felt like i did deserve to be seen or heard and i felt like i didn't deserve pretty much anything and in that moment i felt ballad dated and my story had had meaning and it had hauer so that was really when i got bitten by the bug and so twenty for century cures which was actually relaxed piece of legislation that president.

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