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Yeah now missile todd and boots were at bruges adored right gather when klopp was there which is if mizzen todd is going around on his end game is to recreate dortmund of that era which i granted mcateer ian obama yang the all moves that i think we approve of bouba so maybe isn't going to be manager per se maybe is going to be part of a larger structure that this guy is building i don't klopp your klopp adores bouba yeah referred to him once as quote the best signing he's ever made we've been together for seventeen years mites yeah on it was weird because the timing just feels bad on also the paper i believe that for who for liverpool in that he just walks out at that moment and now the work is done it won't dramatically change the season finishes but you know he's being part of this restructuring the liverpool but also the paper that reported klopp was coming to liverpool is the same paper that said that started the boo vex to arsenal rumor now i saw danny danny murphy on sky sports the sage danny murphy he ripped this essentially questioning whether or not somebody's first job could be at club of arsenal stature dots england man's and sorry i will not call him xenophon that's old england football man re reflex action okay thought is the same thing as when we play the audio all the time of when silva came into whole he doesn't know anything about english football said tom'll and then merson backed him up.

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