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Receiving end of racism focused on the virus originating in China with pointed suggestions to shut down the celebration intolerant as we always are as new Yorkers and the hardy dress warm be cautious but come out to the parade next Sunday at state senator John Lou a man is charged with murdering his pregnant girlfriend on Long Island and dumping her body in Brooklyn according to construct the seven year old county on a Walton was dumped out of a car in the red hook in front of the red hook houses early Wednesday morning in this neighborhood residents as he was heartbroken has enough death as it is a right hand is neighborhood and for this to happen is drastic this is somebody's child does somebody system twenty five year old Kevin Phil was taken into custody in Suffolk County and now faces second degree murder charges prosecutors said that he was captured on surveillance video dumping that body and later abandoning their two year old son in front of a home in Jackson heights on the very same night the boys on harmed and in the custody of child services the news is brought to you by doctor leader means radiosurgery New York call two one two choices for more information at Lisette doctor leader injury DO surgery show coming up next year and seven ten W. O. R. the big game kicks off at six thirty as Kansas city hosts the forty Niners your W. all our weather channel forecast the high today will hit forty three with an increase in cloud cover this afternoon and approaching warm front major a few late day showers also will be arraigned this evening and then partly cloudy overnight low thirty eight a sunny warmer Monday tomorrow the high reaching fifty five hours will be possible early Tuesday and cloudy with a high in the low fifties I'm meteorologist Jeff Martley forty two degrees and mostly cloudy next news at four o'clock breaking news at one start today with one Berman and Michael regal in the morning six to ten tomorrow I'm Steve greenfield on seven ten W. O. R. NBC news radio station the following is a paid program W. O. R. is airing of this program constitutes neither an endorsement of the products offered for the ideas expressed for cancer treatment most prefer effective non invasive well tolerated outpatient therapy that's doctor liederman the radiosurgery pioneers goal to doctor liederman is first in America first in New York first for you with body radiosurgery Dr Lieberman hits your cancer with no cutting no bleeding doctor Lieberman has decades of experience.

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