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And democratic presidential candidate Cory booker's holding a campaign event Miami gardens police in Miami Dade fire rescue or on scene after getting reports of the building being struck. The victim's injuries are reportedly non-life-threatening the event is said to have gotten back under way, but several people have already left since the building was temporarily evacuated a man from Ohio is recovering after a flesh eating bacteria that nearly took his foot the disease called necrotizing fasciitis was caught by the man visiting his family in Tampa Bay. He spent the day near Weeden island hours later notices foot swelling, but was still able to fly back to the Dayton area. He did say his left foot started turning into a big black blister. Fortunately, doctors were able to save it. The CDC says there have been at least seven hundred to twelve hundred cases reported since twenty ten and they believe that may be an underestimate a body is found floating in a river in central Florida port orange police were called after some. Said they saw body floating in the Halifax. River officials say officers found the body about one hundred feet from the shoreline. An investigation is still ongoing Bryce Harper. Drove in his twentieth. Run of the season. Zack elfin went the distance on the mound as the Phillies. Cruise past the Marlins five to one in Philly Miguel row Haas pleaded the run for the fish who went to and four on their trip and are a major league worst eight and twenty overall Pablo Lopez allowed four runs in less than six frames to suffer the laws Marlins manager, Don Mattingly says this is a tough series loss after winning the opener win the game. One of four game said, yeah, you're looking at. That if you if you pitch which we Hosie gives a good game today's close enough if we generate but Mattingly says sack Alphand through well with Florida's news. I'm Bill Robins. I heart radio.

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