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A lawsuit against Honda after each one thousand fifteen crash left her paralyzed Sarah Milburn sued Honda a year after the two thousand fifteen crash in Dallas when she was twenty three Milburn was riding in the third row middle seat. When the over driver ran a red light. And the van was hit by a pickup. The crash leaves Milburn a quadriplegic limited use of her arms and hands. For lawyers argued the seat belt system in the twenty eleven onto odyssey was poorly designed resulting in her only buckling the shoulder restraint. Not the lap belt and led to her injuries Honda tells ABC news, it's disappointed with the verdict and intends to vigorously appeal. Chuck Sivertsen, ABC news. No charges will be filed in the death of coal officer, Dale Wood's speed on his thirty five. He was trailing thirty four to forty two miles an hour. And there's no evidence that he was driving under the influence Hamilton county. Prosecutor joe. Odors announcing that the driver of the pickup truck that hit chlorine police, officer, Dale woods last month will not be charged in last month's tragedy. The driver's name is not been released through his attorney Steve Adams, the driver says he shares the family's pain calling officer woods a hero. Call rain police chief Mark Denning from the moment. Dale was injured. Our goal was to have this investigative fairly kept Justice for Dale and sometimes Justice comes in different forms. That doesn't always mean that someone gets arrested, Matt Reese, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w US Senator Rob Portman calling on federal law makers to start spending on national parks maintenance. So Senator Brown from Ohio, and I have promoted this Senator Rob Portman says maintenance projects at national park facilities. Summit Ohio have been delayed think about your own house. If you allow deferred maintenance to build up, you don't take care of the roof as an example, what happens when you get a leak in the roof, and then pretty soon your drywall was ruined. And sure you find out that your floors ruined and the cost mount up. That's what's happening in our parks. Corbin says the Bill containing money for the Ohio Erie canal, and for helping migratory birds is a start for preserving natural resources in history. But bigger problems he says exist twelve billion dollars worth of them in Columbus. Jared Allen NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w let's sit down Wall Street. Find out how stock. Did to end the week. Stocks finished the week with the Friday surge boosted by hopes the US and China might be getting close maybe to a trade deal. The Dow Jones industrial average climbed four hundred forty four points. The s&p five hundred was up thirty the NASDAQ gained forty five for the Dow and the NASDAQ this marks eight straight weeks of gains, energy and banking stocks did well Facebook was down slightly on news. It's negotiating a multibillion dollar fine to settle a federal investigation into Facebook's privacy policy that would be the largest fine. The Federal Trade Commission has ever levied against a tech company industrial production in this country fell six tenths of a percent last month the decline caused in large part by a drop of nearly nine percent in the manufacturing of motor vehicles and auto parts and the sentences seven years in prison, plus nineteen point seven million dollars in restitution for seventy seven year old James Snyder. The Florida attorney convicted on multiple charges including conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud, Scott Goldberg, ABC news. News.

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