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The Michigan attorney general trying to intimidate people who want to come forward and talk about voter fraud. The Michigan attorney general this week warned people alleging vote fraud that false claims are subject to criminal prosecution will all the people that we have heard from or that the president's team are talking about who have come forward in the state of Michigan to talk about voter fraud or people who have signed? Affidavits and they have signed those affidavits under threat of being punished. Criminally, if they in effect are lying, so I don't think they really need to hear. Perhaps people who haven't come forward yet need to hear it. But I don't think those who signed affidavits already need to hear from the attorney general. What she thinks about them coming forward. Why would anyone come forward with false claims? 809 239385 809 23, w. D. D K. There are enough real, if not questionable irregularities that have taken place in Detroit in particular. If not in other places around this state with regard to Alleged voter fraud so much so that we don't need anybody making anything up. This is coming from and according to constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, Jonathan Turley is apparently a law professional quote. The invitation is lost in the lingering threat. He says. A professor of law at George Washington University, the Hill reported Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. Was responding on Twitter to former state Republican state Senator Patrick Cole back discussing allegations of vote fraud during a Michigan board of Canvassers meeting that ended with state's election results being certified. Colback was asked at the beating whether he had brought his allegations. The state attorney general, the report said. Nestle claim Colback has never made a complaint of election fraud to her office. Nestle tweeted quote Colback A skull backs assertions aside. Intentionally making a false claim of criminal activity to law enforcement is itself a crime and quote And of course, that's correct, Turley noted. Nestle has been threatening people who post videos on alleged vote fraud, quote. These threats are course of and abusive, particularly when targeting opponents of your party who are challenging the victory of your candidate for president and quote. Yet as shown by a congressman seeking to disbar dozens of trump lawyers. Such threats are popular in today's rage filled politics. So Nestle continued her threats of prosecution on Monday in warning that a former state senator could be prosecuted for alleging possible vote fraud at a meeting of the Michigan Board of State canvassers. So raising voting fraud at the board overseeing voting is now a possible basis for prosecution in Michigan and quote 809 239385 again. I'm just not sure the point ever needed to be made After the phones. We go on the John McCulloch show robs and rolls feel Rob. Thanks so much for calling the program. I'm trying to figure out whether her name is Gretchen Witless or Adolph Littler, but but anyway I want to touch just a little bit on a on a just read. Two days ago, a report from the New England general medicine the thought was that even wearing a surgical mask, you will and you will reduce the amount of the severity of the infectious agent from Cove. It The problem is is it doesn't change the severity of the illness once you get it, which, and it was always thought that it would Okay? They say no, it does not at all. All it does is make you sicker because wearing a mask. And not Getting close to other people actually lowers your immunity. All right. That's right. When you when you go to the, uh Aspect off Testing positive. You are not an active case. Unless you're being treated the vast majority of these latest cases or people from age 12 to 35 who are asymptomatic. They don't even know if these people can even As on the disorder because they haven't yet right. So one in the world that you know they keep talking about, you know, 7000 new cases, There's no new cases. Well, and here's the other thing they're talking about, and perhaps confusing terms, and we've had people try to point this out as well. When you start using words like cases you are actually talking about people who may be or should be identified as sick with a disease a case Is that really what's going on? If a person has been exposed or has been infected by this virus, Because as you've indicated, many of those folks are asymptomatic don't even know they have it. I got into this back in 9 2020 10 8 22,010. I was going to college. And I'm a little long in the tooth now, but, um Back when they started putting the hand sanitizer. So I started studying. It found out that These viruses when they get on a flat surface are inert. You can't get them back into your lungs off of a flat surface. So you know these people were rubbing their hands wrong with alcohol are just are doing nothing but damaging their kidneys. Because the kidneys and liver trying to replace the oils, you keep wiping it off your hands. You know, and during that pandemic back in 2009 and 10 There was I think it's Z. Uh, estimated that 66 million Americans caught it. While Obama did nothing and said nothing about it from early April to October 24th 25th of 2000 and nine They say only 1000 people died of it, which I well know then that's not true. 1000 people died from it before Barack Obama decided to do anything about it. Yes, And you know, you know, I you know on this anti social distancing is And I know it. You want to try and be a little bit. I do wear a mask. Even though I had the dust. I had coronavirus back in March April, actually. And I was one of those long termers because I I'm I'm getting up in age and boy it it hit me a little hard, but I'm doing pretty decent, you know, considering I still have a few days where I get really fatigued. But yeah, but you consider yourself today you conceal yourself to have recovered or nearly fully recovered from it since March, I would presume You know, I'm still a little bit on the weak side. But you know, I'm nearly fully recovered. I'm I'm back to working as a front liner. So, you know. Well, Jim, I appreciate the call. I appreciate the Yeah, Well, I appreciate the information you've shared and I appreciate that you are recovering from it. Thank you for sharing the information. You sounded like someone with a level of expertise beyond the norm. And I appreciate you taking the time to call and shared with the rest of us today. Have a happy Thanksgiving my friend and do feel free to call again if your earliest convenience 809 to 3. 9385 John McCulloch show. It's an open mouth edition call and talk about whatever you want now on time, traffic.

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