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Women are gone tag. Yes what do you mean. do. I believe it's there. There's not true men in the like your tag tag. sometimes i'll either right in the caption or whatever yo can who is like you. Don't stop i'll get there. Be seven girls one akashi got bad for. It's just contact tag the photographer. I'm not jason tag. They frankly own damn. I don't know. I think for me. Like i'm so like in the last two years of my life like understand who. I am what i am like you know. Yes yeah and and i think does your homeboys. I'm a ho. Does he know you. He doesn't know me yet but he knows this is what he told me. He's going to show us like you gotta understand. My friends are really do. I mean he was getting in a fight with the white leeann and it was a heated argument. It was a black man being respectable to a white man and a white male respecting the white man. Didn't i doubt. Joe basically so we all we all go out. It's omega probably like five or six. So as we're wrapping up our bill ryan is like yo. I'll be right back him. Being the businessmen that is that i didn't even know so he has. He has a strong line. Which i was drinking out of line yet. So it's eko gaving companies the owner. He's a black. he's a black man. Owning a business biodegradable. So ryan is like you know. He's already talking to the to the waiter. I know the owner of this bar. I'm like we gotta get you in. Talk her because it's a woman on bar so he's gone around giving everyone these at in the restaurant fans of horrible decisions purchase draws from him on the spot and so just going around this white man that was at the bar probably thought that he goes over here. We go again my whole like my rundown monster that ben paper better than plastic by grade ables seventy five days or hyundai given the whole thing ago. Would you like to trauma struck us. What would you like to chop my product. Definitely i will so he sat down mean non-person i am i'm gonna watch you and i just wanna see if you open 'cause if not like you you can just tell me no so i go to bathroom not about i tell my i tell my cousin and i'm gonna go over there and see if he needs to show in my case study so he's like you need and he's like he doesn't even. It doesn't look good. I don't need it. So then. I go to bathroom come out. And i'm like oh honestly wrote like you didn't have to accept astrology. Straw told you all this you can just over a but it's my it's my business. You gotta understand like if you like your got pocket. You're going to gonna be like yo you don't have to say you're gonna listen. You don't listen like cool. Just say no. I don't want it. This product put town of evidence to sheet so then after that he goes. I didn't know you were being serious when you said you owned it. I thought this was usage. Okay then it was more like micro aggression as a white man being like. Oh i didn't know this was your business and you were the owner of thought. You were joking he said. I thought you were defined. Devil's advocate ona. Strongest trump. okay but but say posted. So don't agree. Don't first of all shows don't look nothing like the ones that the bar you have one that has a fourth year. Not even recognizing this party did put it in your face. So it wasn't that she didn't say that you didn't and that's fine but don't accept it and don't give it away and then don't look at me like why didn't think you owned it. Keep to yourself this this outside and we hear now. The the volumes are getting louder. But it's okay and then his home is just like you know what just come here. Give me your number. That's okay. And after but i go back to right and i got i got. I got secure security. They was making it. A bigger dinner was over over. Dude i'm good. And he's like he's feeling bad nella to cry like literally taking ran up on him over a straw. I didn't runabout on kingdom. Mary play both run up I was really wasn't drug ave. And.

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