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Being on the Supreme Court some day it's going to change the world all right nine o'clock news time got newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. Cincinnati two trains collided Butler Kelly impacting traffic in the start of schools with the nine o'clock port right combs breaking now the crossing a north Gilmore road blocks still in Hamilton road shut down between Chile road in Sam's because of a collision that involved two trains this morning both Norfolk southern railroad trains were headed southbound when one of them ran into the back end of the other the force of the collision cost three of the cars to derail two of those cars carrying butane so a hazardous materials team had to be called in to supervise the clean up with this point of trying to get the cars right at the train out of the way the road re opened no reports of any kind of a leak of other butane or no fires and no evacuations have been necessary because of the crash the Fairfield schools today operating on a two hour delay don't know what caused that collision this morning but the tri state has been under a dense fog advisory because of reduced visibility is and it looks like that may have contributed to a couple of crashes involving kids walking to school in the bus stop this morning at Cincinnati accidents on queen city lane on Harrison your Baker fifteen eleven year olds the victims there they've been taken to the hospital to be checked out question Harrison was just a block from where Wes I student Gaby Rodriguez was hit and killed by a hit skip driver last year a driver never found that latest traffic and weather together from the UC help traffic center Bama Graham save lives schedule your annual mammogram with you see help by calling five one three five eight four paint that's five one three five eight four pink heavy spots on the highways continue south plan seventy five out of sheer and build through walk one north bound seventy five often on from Dixie in the town than through St Bernard south bound seventy one beginning get better coming out a Kenwood down the hill to Red Bank north bound still a bit heavy from before the lateral towards Red Bank road in west bend to seventy five still dealing with a little bit of fog at Loveland before making your way up the hill to Montgomery as a recce spent two seventy five a blue rock on the shoulder.

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