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Because of the hierarchy point that's already been made here but i would be expecting him to be their opening day starter well they didn't do that i know and i think this might be a reason why because they want to be able you know how these guys are they talk and just how they are they want mcdermott more than anybody's that coach he he wants you as the he wants the rookies he wants to have a team team culture i think where rookies path to wait they have to eventually you you'll get your chance but i just think he wants this and if that's not what i don't think it's probably like the biggest reason why they didn't pick josh rosen instead but yes all along was he's somebody who's closer to being ready to play in the league we think i don't think they want the guy i mean rosen said like ten know nine teams made a mistake or whatever i don't think they want that guy eight oh three oh five fifty is our number we'll talk to sean mccan do today hockey tonight and sean has a book out about the nhl he's been on the show many times down goes brown sell capuccio later too josh allen i say play 'em come on competition who else is on the team it's different all these examples too and i'm just like i'm already sort of listening to the reps point just going okay i guess really though going to be a long summer they're putting josh allen in his place at the same time you make this big investment in the guy and kinda put him in his place i don't know it just feels that way mike chopin the bulldog here ryan to throw tomorrow this is wjr.

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