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Day. Five of miami. Dolphins training camp has officially ended. And there's a ton of news to dive into lots to talk about regarding your miami dolphins but before we get into all that. Let me welcome you into finsider radio. The jake and josh. Oh i am josh. How's that must mean. I'm joined by the one. The only jake mendel. You can follow on twitter at j. m. e. andy l. ninety four before again everything to talk about with the miami dolphins training camp. Jake it's been a few days since we got together. I do today man. I've loved that you said state number five. It really feels like we're in the trenches in a very dramatic took away but josh been great every day. We have different things to talk about. And i have to. I have to do what you did. And plug the twitter Ut z. There josh you can find all these very fancy instagram videos and twitter Videos of the miami dolphins have taken josh's thrown together. All of to us throws a. How do i tell you that. I don't really care for training camp stats but i will definitely say that. Seeing these highlights has gotten pretty jammed up so far in training camp yemen. We all definitely got excited when we saw some of those throws deep balls to our wilson but like you said this is training camp. I don't think pads komo until tomorrow so temper expectations. But you know what we're hearing about to a ton of a low now. Compared to last year. I mean it gives you reason you know hair standing. Open your arms with excitement. Yeah exactly so before we get into before we get the wide receivers. He kinda hit the nail on the head. The pads officially come on tomorrow tomorrow being tuesday so everything that we said. This far is all fighting dandy but the game really hasn't even begun yet. I mean once you alaska anyone. It's a whole different ballgame So it's important to keep in mind that everything that you see is definitely the greatest salt someone like albert Waddell is going to be a little more explosive when nobody's wearing pants down. So i mean i'm not saying to make a huge difference but something to keep in mind speaking of things. We are very uncertain about josh eight. Sapien howard always article from him but he basically said that he wants to make things work in miami before anything else. And i've been trying to think of the right way to compare this. But i really feel like we're asking our parents for like a raisin allowance It's just like keep please please. Can we keep exonerating howard. Leese that Situation is what we're getting into With the dolphins went howard. Because i don't see a light at the tunnel. Beat the dolphins aren't budging. I been howard's back to practicing after being out for a couple of days ankle..

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