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Masterclass dot com slash back to work back to work. Michiko masterpass or a master key master. You get all the mouth losses when you get to them for free. Do you want them to know what i take it back. Cut all that out okay. I'll edit this video of system of a down. I haven't seen any ages. Hey thanks to mask left our stop. No no not you pro like me me. I'm mambo doug face to the are thanks to minister class for sporting five five and back to work that last part i did my national public radio voice. We do. We do mind the dude minds. Dude minds I saw picture photograph in the last week of philip. Philip seymour hoffman in his dorm room as a lad. Oh yeah yeah looks like my dorm room. It's actor so He so great. Did you ever go back and watch boogie nights. Oh you know we should do all of our follow up follow through follow in. Follow out follow overs. Now we'll do some of our recapping you Did you ever end up watching. I've given you a bunch of non non non. what's the word. I'm looking for an article. Canonical non required homework. I giving you more of what i would call reserve rating reserve reading his basically passive aggressive homework reserves. Because you got homework we turned fan. But it'll be like oh. Yeah like if you care look you go read these articles library which you just head on over there. It's not the people who care could go. Reader goes by joan duty. And i don't know if you can be troubled to renew. Yeah reserve reading pat. You like that passive aggressive homework. Yes anyway college what racket we talked about college on the last episode of rectus. And it's really good so homework things me wash masterclass. Don't you wanna talk about. I go all day. I mean start with something. I'm game for it. There's different kinds of follow up that we could do if you wanted to. Yeah here's a picture of to you. Yeah i think we've. We've talked some former fashion. I'm going to be opening a new thread when we have so many open threads but we were talking about premier. I don't know i'm just always reminded of like like there's these weird spectra. Which is i think a word i just made up spectrums of like. We're axes of like what we have to learn a nap or you have to do a thing. How can i put this really. Big is a really big shore but you know. Have you ever had things where again. Obviously i've been watching a lot of silicon valley which has just become sort of. I don't know how this happened exactly. But i stumbled back onto it. I i know. I love it but i forgot. How much loved it the characters. Oh my gosh yes jared. I'm so obsessed with jared right now. But i was going back and watching that you know. And there's a pretty funny episode where richard finally gets a girlfriend and but of course he breaks up with her because she's a space rather than tabs and then they get into which is a little bit tacky but but no i think for a mainstream audience. It's not that hockey but it's also true. There are people who have been they also mentioned like them an e max and like well how do you get into them versus e maxwell i learned just in a to be dangerous because on a terminal like in my telnet account. That's how you would edit a file. You had to know enough v. i to just be able to do the most basic stuff. Sure i mean. I've got a book about it. I never learned it. I've got stolman. Amex book i just don't have enough fingers to read it but ha- ha- what is it about now in that case it might because you use to use so much or pine or whatever that you got okay good at it because you had to rate but then there's other kinds of things where like you find yourself more attracted to this rather than that and you know. There are innumerable even in this episode. We've already had numeral numerous examples of what. I'm talking about 'cause in the nineties. There was a real like function where i'm looking for not a war exactly but before I'm hoping this right. But time was that it was basically if you're in the graphics. The simmer graphics world. You're generally using aldus products which then became w products. Like you were using. But you're using this or you're using that. There were illustrated people and they were freehand. People know what i mean. Yes there were like even even down to like it got to by the mid late nineties there were entire suite like i was using again. I think this became adobe. But there was go live cyber studio but then you can also get like adobe dreamworks dreamworks and integration and. There's always different things you know. Talking about narcissism of minor differences. These differences are not minor to the people who are choosing their side in the great app war. But there's just certain kinds of apps where you like. This is what i've always used. I can't understand what anybody would use something else. And again. Apropos of our previous discussion when that premier came out a lot. Excuse me when that final cut pro came out. A lot of people freaked. Yes in the same way that when they changed all the key commands on photoshop. A lot of people forget because that becomes your tool bench that becomes the thing that you know how to do the thing where you're not. I mean maybe you're a fan and you're a you're a you're fighting in the clone wars over which app is good and all the other ones are terrible for. I just think it's so interesting how you know. There's not the number of sort of mid level. Mac apps it there used to be. There's been a lot of shaking out in the market. But i still think it's so interesting when something comes along that can make you feel like a real weirdo where your friends are really like this one app. That like i think a good. He's a pretty good example. Today are independent graphics. Apps there are people out there like siracusa. lease a copy of photoshop. Who still like lisa copy of light room but a lot of us are like okay. Do you like pixel mater or do you like acorn or do you like the other ones and i like them. All i like acorn is what i use on the mac. I love there are so. I wanna say pixel mater photo on. Ipad is one of the single best outs. I've ever used machine learning to improve your photos. It does all this amazing stuff but like it just. I just always think it's so interesting. How can i put this the opposition. That i want to address that i think is an interesting idea is just you know you try something one time..

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