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Tyree kill seems frightening. He's a whole lot fast. Do you have a guy that you played against where you went? That guy's a whole lot faster. Okay, It didn't even take any thought there's a place there's a play the year after we win. Win the Super Bowl. Dan and this is coming off of the off season. It's the first game. It's the Thursday night game. You know the coronation of the reigning champs in We're playing cover, too. So I'm kind of backside about nine yards off the ball, and they start with runaway from and so we run away, run away. I had to cut back right so I couldn't overrun the ball. He starts back toward us. He cuts back to the backside. And I'm nine yards from the line of scrimmage. Chris Johnson is still behind the line of scrimmage, but I see that he's going to get outside. I didn't take a 45 degree angle. I turned my body directly to the goal line. He was going to And I started running and not looking at it because I understood I wasn't going to catch him. The only reason I turned around Dad was so when the film came on closing the bogus a great effort, RC. The only thing that helped me is that Troy played on our team, and he was somehow on game day, the fastest person in the world and he ended up catching him 40 yards down the field, so the more to the story is Chris Johnson ran by me and Troy, follow Ma Lu all at the same time when I knew I was on Lee running to show that I have worked out in the off season because I wasn't catching it. He's Ryan Clark in the mothership Joining us. I love what you tweeted out about. Scotty Miller Ryan tweeted out. Scotty Miller is not like any of those New England receivers. I'm tired of telling folks that nothing about number, 10 says, Bring his lunch pail. First in last out, coach on the field reads the zone. Dude is a burner address him as such. Hello. Well, you should have tweeted that to Kevin King prior to the game because he forgot that Scotty Miller was attract guy. This isn't West Welker or Julian Engelman. Yes, Well, you know, you know, you know what happened. What's funny is I tweeted that before the play at the end of the second quarter. So So this was I don't know what I think. They replaced Cameron break with Scotty Miller and he runs out and they throw him the ball. And you know, Troy going off about Julian Edelman and Wes Welker, you know, and Listen, guys, I tried not to bring race into things. But sometimes racial bias plays a part. And this wasn't my racial bias. It was Troy. Troy saw a short, little white guy, and he thought all those other dudes that had ever played with Tom Brady. He is not that dude, this is this is the dude that when you do go to the track meet, and I hope I can say to show you show when you do go to the track meet, and he wins the one the four by one by coming back from last place and beating all the other black dudes on the track. They say a man you are looking at white boy. That's you. Scotty Miller is he's that fast. He's that explosive and he will embarrass you. And so I don't know what we have to do to get scouting reports around the world changed, but this is he's none of those people. Now he may do all those things. He may be first in first out. He's also first to finish every sprint and practice. He's the fastest guy on the team. He's a deep Baltar and had Kevin King read my Twitter or had he had his phone on the sideline, and maybe he would have been beat deep. I think I need a faster name for him run like Scotty Miller doesn't mean that doesn't sound like a fast guy. I think it does. I mean, think about it. Chris Johnson. That's a fast name. You know, I know we had a great and he had a great nickname, though. Oh, yeah, We do it. I don't. I mean, white Lightning would obviously be probably too racist and also about easy How much smoke Miller But John Brown is smoke and buffalo. Oh, okay. Yeah, but he's not the playoffs, so you can e. What is only there's only two teams left in the plan. I don't know what other like Jungle cat is this faster than she either Because I reached already playing on the other side. Um, the decision by the Packers to go for the field goal. I could only tell you what I thought in real time and I didn't understand the sequence of plays. If you know you're going to go for it on fourth down, I gotta change what I'm going to do for the other three downs, but I'm curious what you saw. And if you agreed with what the Packers were trying to do Absolutely did not agree what the Packers were trying to do. I think when you get in that position, Dan, you say this is $4 territory, and now you start to call your place. According to that, obviously you have the mist on the miscommunication. On the slant. Uh then you have second dollars in on third. You know, we're trying to decide whether Aaron Rodgers runs or does whatever. But I think if you call your place differently, you're not in a position where you're thinking of going for 1/4 and eight of 14 9. You're closer to the goal line and you can make those plays the other thing. That's confusing for me is You hear so many times when people are in the red zone, they get a penalty, you say Oh, the playbook now opens up. How come the playbook was closed? All of a sudden, I said, And you have Aaron Rodgers. I'm not sure if you ever watched the fresh Prince of Bel Air Dan, but here's what I thought about What he essentially did was were coaching did On the last shot of the game when he stole the ball from Will Smith. He didn't give up my chance. And if you remember coaching, threw that ball over the over the basketball goal, and that's what happened when you when you kicked that field goal, and now you're depending on your defense. Who has Kevin King on it. We'll play terrible all day. You've taken the ball out of the best player on your team hand, probably the N V P This season and was struck me most about this is the reason you're losing. The reason you're down. At least a touchdown is because Bruce areas, trusted his Hall of Fame quarterback and put him back on the field late in the second quarter, and they pick up a $4, and they throw that football to Scotty Miller to score. You have to have that same type of gumption those same type of goods. You gotta go with it in that moment, and to make that decision, even when the analytics tell you it's not that big of a change if you go for the field goal or not. Is unacceptable. Did you ever get a pick against Brady? Of course not. He always Brady beat are but like every time we beat on one time, and it was one of the trash talk tomorrow, did you trash talk you like? No, No, He was actually I will give him this. I got the opportunity to talk to him. My last year we were washed it. We're playing him. He was actually highly complimentary of me and Troy. But I will say this the year Troy and I were both out was the year Anthony Smith guaranteed a win against defeated Patriot. He throws He throws a touchdown. Ah Bom! He does those a long pass, uh and runs 60 yards. Anthony Smith ended up being the guy beating a plate run 60 yards to stand in front of Anthony Smith and tell him about his guarantee. And when I saw that, like it was like the realist moment to me, because I was like, here he is, you know, six round kick. A guy from California XT extremely classy, extremely distinguished, and he chose to run 60 yards. He didn't have to to tell somebody about keeping their mouth closed, and that's what I gained a lot of respect, but it's competitive. Stop. Brady would What do you think? Aaron Rodgers was saying after the game about his future in Green Bay. Oh, I think this is the first time because of the way things ended. Aaron Rodgers let himself look at the draft. The draft pick of Jordan love in totality. Um, I think he he tried his best to be a great teammate..

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