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Think there's a point where maybe they should have a Legends League like they did with Iraq but I don't think you should be fighting these young hungry mother fuckers absolutely right let's talk about that for a second because so you'll Romero got cut from the UFC that every Tire which you know I have mixed feelings about this because he is in the top five he he he's right there and you could almost see a meeting anybody it's just a matter of whether or not he can pull the trigger which he does, sometimes it doesn't so Bellator passed on them I guess he was too young so Bella Tori passed on him and now they're saying that he might go to combat day and fight Tito Ortiz in combate which people are very angry about this or they're like other people like great I want you to do get knocked out I think y'all would knock him out, but I can oh, yeah for sure this out for some reason. I mean I could see Tito winning boring wage if y'all can't pull the trigger like he I mean, I don't know obviously, I think you always win this fight but there's something man Tito just he surprised me granted. He fought you know, Chuck Liddell now, he bought that wasn't even a fight. Stop it the other guy that wore a mask back in Pride. They got arrested. What's that guy? Like other guy's name was a pro wrestler. I'm sure if she hasn't really been fighting the you know, the who's who lately, you know, I mean not to Chuck isn't a who's who but functional son. And which was a very suspect fight if you remember that. Yeah, and you're slow right wing it was so suspect. I was at that fight and I looked over at Josh Barnett and Don Frye who was sitting there and they were like, this was a fix and maybe they'll page. Saying that but that was so strange. Yeah. That was I don't know. I don't see chill throwing that fight against Tito. I just don't see why he would do that..

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