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Day 14 of the search at that site, officials announcing today they found 10 more victims bringing the death toll now up to 46. 6 18 Let's go back to the tropics, now Tropical Storm Elsa National Hurricane Center, saying the storm is getting weaker as it makes its way over Northern Florida tonight, going into Georgia. Now, even though it's not getting strength over the ocean, it could pack a bit of a punch in the coming days. Here's a B. C s chief meteorologist Ginger Zee. The threat for gusty winds and tropical storm force conditions with flash flooding extends all the way through Georgia, then South Carolina. So Charleston midnight to six AM on Thursday, and then by the time it makes it to the mid Atlantic and Northeast Thursday night through Friday. New York City will actually see impacts from Elsa on the order of the 30, plus mile per hour gusts up into Maine will be dealing with it through Friday afternoon, and again that storm could possibly get a bit stronger over the open water before it shows up on our shores. What more on that coming up in traffic and weather together at 6 23? Well, we are on the last day of the summer heat here for the week in our neck of the woods, But we've been telling you about that debt that really blistering heat out West. Triple digit temps still making much of that part of the country, and we're learning more now about just how deadly last week's heatwave was. The number of dead in Oregon from last week's heat wave has now risen to 116 going up by the day. Oregon is now declaring last week's Heat wave, a mass casualty event. Most of the victims were in their fifties, sixties and seventies. But some were as young as their thirties and as old as her late nineties. Many were alone without air conditioning, Overcome by 115 degree temperatures, Alec Stone ABC news and no matter how quickly you think you can run in, run out of the store just to grab some milk, whatever you need, it might not be quick enough to prevent tragedy when it comes to your furry friend. Did you just leave a dog in a hot car? Bad owner Even with the Windows cracked, parked in a shaded area When the temperatures 80 degrees, it could be over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes inside the vehicle. Dr Edwards Cotino of the animal Rescue League is right. He spoke next to a state police cruiser with a thermometer on the dashboard. By the end of the 10 minute press conference, it had maxed out at 1 20 as the temperature increases. So does the risk of heatstroke..

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