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I'm Randy Johnson. And I want to be your jeweler. Investigation into an apparent double homicide is underway in Dona. Ana county sheriff's investigators have been at the scene in the village of Dona, Ana north of Las Cruces since about five thirty this morning. Officials there confirmed that two people were found dead from gunshot wounds. Officials say that one person was found in the streets, the other vehicle, and that a person of interest is currently in custody. Man from Mexico was found dead in the United States along the border wall over the weekend. That's according to the donate a county sheriff's it happened near the border patrol station. The man is apparently, a Mexican national twenty six years old. That's according to the border patrol he appears to have suffered some sort of injuries. The investigation is being handled by the Dona county sheriff's office award winning rapper Cardi B has cancelled her concert at the pass. Oh, candy Coliseum saying, quote due to circumstances beyond her control. The concert had to be rescheduled. No word yet, on win or if she might come back this has been your k- FOX fourteen. News update I'm Robert own game. Last year Americans received twenty six billion robocalls landline cellphones. It doesn't matter. The SEC gets millions of complaints year. They're listening though. But blocking calls is more difficult than anyone imagined. Kim commander with your Monday. Consumer checkup day brought to you by SimpliSafe the best security system for your home period. Don't live in fear, get yours at SimpliSafe Kim dotcom, you'd think that it was simple pass a law and ban robo calls the problem hundreds of millions of originally from outside the US, even though a local looking number pops up on your phone. So how about this? Let's trace them all and stop them from coming into the country in the first place. But with seventy million calls a day, that's just too many. So the FCC is put together a proposal for the carriers to block these calls by default. They voted June in the short run the only option stop answering calls from any number. You don't recognize if it's important, they'll leave message, I'm America's digital pro Kim commando. Everyone knows. Parents, worry a lot. We worry for kids are safe if they're eating. Right. Are they getting enough sleep? And at some point we start worrying about our own parents are they. Okay. Are they safe when you stop worrying about one thing on that list?.

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