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Com well the first of February it's the weekend Saturday morning it's three classic and whether on the aids and when it breaks more and more areas of fog creeping in extra caution this morning low beam headlights more following distance let's less speed let's get there in one piece all that being said let's start in Virginia west bound one twenty westbound sixty six agente after one twenty three before you get to the fifties exit fifty seven for route fifty fair oaks with the right lane getting by the work so they're not much to lay at the moment on a sixty six east bound after one twenty three are right for what with Richard say that's where you'll find the work over on the right side you'll get by at least one lane to the left inside the beltway the work is in B. after exit sixty nine for Lee highway Washington Boulevard and that is also single right getting by southbound on twenty eight do setor built we're heading towards center bill more accurately the works on still active and I believe you're still being diverted at Westfield Boulevard but north bound trying to get from my sixty six toward Dallas you are in business those lanes are open on industrial road in Springfield both directions to be east to back like road basically between the beltway and Edsel road with an accident instigation last report all lanes were still blocked in both directions unclear the effect this is having on back like I believe it is minimal however on ninety five your northbound work is before Falmouth exit one thirty three in the right lane is getting by there on three ninety five we had northbound work after Shirlington over on the right to to let forgetting by there and then sound found the right wing was blocked before Duke street but no real delay getting by there either in Maryland waiting for the all clear on east Randolph road heading toward twenty nine the crash activity after tamarack road was we were following please direct you get around it intercounty connector eastbound all traffic diverted it lay hill road exit tend to get around the weekend long works on and on university Boulevard between Piney branch road and Carol Avenue big water main break BigFix under way eastbound lanes still blocked westbound single left gets by Ian Crawford WTOP traffic clouds a few sprinkles are spotty drizzle or showers especially south and east of the C. early to start on this are a bit of fog to starting in the thirties by the.

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