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All americans are going to say is the truth so that laura ingram and tucker and those other unpatriotic traders over there at fox. Don't have any of those clips to show. All they can show is the truth so that's why they're mocking the police. They have nothing and by the way. Here's another little positive something that i took away from yesterday in texas. Yesterday there was a special election in which the trump backed candidate lost. So maybe the base is getting smaller. Maybe the independence in this country are getting smarter and really going against the lies and the mendacity. That's coming out of the republican party. Which is a disgrace disgrace as sunday. Put it. i won't go any further right. Megan these cops were protecting republican and democratic officials. Why why isn't this a galvanizing moment for everyone. Is it really about just winning. Or is it and we lost something. I agree with what you're asking. We'll be that it's confusing. I this is being politicized because again is extremely dark day in american history. Definitely one of our darkest days ever it was just horrific to watch. I can't even fathom what it would have been like to be a law enforcement officer defending the capital in that in that time. I'm equally grossed out by anyone trying to mock the trauma of a law enforcement officer especially. Because you're right sarah. Blue lives matter is something that many republicans say that. I certainly have said and believe alternatively. I don't like people on the left politicizing these particular law enforcement officers because i can remember just a few months ago being told that all ron forcement were irredeemable and needed different kinds of training and should be funded and there aren't just a few bad apples. It's an entirely irredeemable Group of people working in law enforcement. That's why we're having so many problems particularly in washington. Dc getting people to come and be recruited to join law enforcement. There's record numbers of police officers. Retiring all across the country because they don't feel respected and they don't feel supported and they don't feel like they can do their jobs so when you're saying de fund the police it's not just about Cities it's about places like the capitol that are vulnerable that are protecting. You know some of the most powerful people in all of america doing the most serious of job so i would hope that politics on both sides would be removed for this and we could take this as a teachable moment about just how valuable police officers and law enforcement are and that the narrative and the rhetoric from the past year has been equally dangerous. And i just want to send my support to these police officers because these people on capitol hill and the rest of the country are paid very little and they are called to do the hardest jobs and put their life on the line every single morning. Which is nothing that no pundit in any studio on any network ever is called to do and i think everyone should have a lot more respect for police officers and watch that testimony if you for some reason still. Don't i applaud everything. Everyone is saying. But i have to point my finger to the other side. And this isn't about a politicizing. These men and women were protecting as i said. In the beginning both sides of the aisle they weren't there as just protecting republicans or democrats. Their job was to protect everyone there and for anyone on the left or the right to denigrate what. They did how they did it. I know that kevin mccarthy suggested that Who wanted to know why. The offices didn't have the training and equipment. They needed the man he they should have talked to. Are the house and sergeant at arms. Both home resigned. They were on the police. They were on the board. So this is not about defunding anybody. This has nothing to do with anything but really crappy behavior by really inspired people by the guy that used to live in the white house. That's what this is about. This is not about anything but rapid behavior saying again on the other side of the aisle. We'll.

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