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Here it's the holidays and that means a lot of shopping boy you're picking up the perfect little something for everyone why not get some cash back for yourself with rackets in you can rack up cash back on everything you need this holiday season tech fashion travel toys and even the core for your home from gifs to groceries if you need it for the holidays you can get cash back on it download rackets and that's our A. K. U. T. E. S. I get up to forty percent back at over three thousand stores all season long holiday cash back racking up a racket him hi welcome to this ad for new subway slider starting at one eighty nine each how do you want to cheer squad give me a one eighty what what spell anything yes this is Kim hello this is John and this year we do more musical are you ready for it you're listening to one of two point seven number one hit music station eighteen forty eight hours by blank slate have your me talking about blank slate yet his favorite board game around here blank slate it's so simple about fun it's perfect for everybody get link slate now at target Barnes and noble or every by your games and now back to the countdown direct access to the stars again and biggest hits in the USA is eight C. forty inside the top twenty in close to the holidays and that means a lot of traveling around visiting of families and stuff like that no matter where those planes trains and automobiles take you don't have to miss a second account on or off and on it I heart radio twenty four seven on the T. forty channel don't miss hits like seventeen meaning will not access don't with the aid on it you you don't are you turning so what happened with them.

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