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Speech righty tv ratings for the nbc's live coast goes cover for the winter olympics was down but i don't want to get off topic been for years and i mean right bring down fifty percents is two thousand four and if you notice this espn and tnt no longer in nascar anymore yeah yeah i think there is some tabby get some change now the second thing i want to talk about is hollywood in hollywood is it making any good movies these days i'm kind of a south proclaim movie guru kinda guy i think they're making some good movies still but i think what you're hitting on is the fact that hollywood is trying to go more and more are rated in reason why i say that you go to some of these films i mean is so loaded with stupid ass jokes that aren't even funny but it's all about talking about somebody's sexual parts or trashed mouth thin and it's the same old one liners that they have and it's just not funny material and you go there and sit in the audience nobody laughs added people's kind of disgusted with it it's so hollywood's taking things in a whole different direction i think that's why a lot of people are turned off and they're not going out to the movies but at the time michael eisner became ceo at disney.

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