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New developments after a deadly boat collision on Lake Lanier divers found one missing fishermen as they prepare to go back into water this morning to search for a second man who disappeared following Wednesday's collision between a cabin cruiser and their bass boat. The in our sergeant Lee Brown. But whether storming all we can't get on the wall. Gotta look at the site. Davar surfers thirty eight year old Nick Shinwa was found that about thirty feet of water near Baldrige creek and little ridge park in county. The second fisherman has been identified as fifty nine year old Briana slob privilege, Mark Alewine WSB Boutin suspects in this week school shooting in Colorado or do back in court today to hear formal charges. The sixteen year old suspect could be tried as an adult ABC's. Alec. Stone says a security guard at the school may have mistakenly wounded a student during Tuesday's chaos trying to figure out if gunshots directed at sheriff's deputies actually came from the security guard. We're told it's still early in the investigation and facts are emerging one student was killed in the attack and eight others wounded Facebook, cofounder Chris Hughes calls for Facebook to be broken up claiming Mark Zuckerberg is turned the social media giant into a monopoly that suffocates innovation in New York Times opinion piece Hugh said Facebook should be forced to spin off. What's happened Instagram anti called for a new federal aid? Agency to regulate tech companies. Mike Rossier reports Hughes roomed with sucker. Berg at Harvard, but left Facebook in two thousand seven a new study ranks Clayton county, twenty-first among counties, most likely to have a measles outbreak. The report from UT Austin Johns Hopkins points to international travelers at hartsfield-jackson airport who come from countries with a high number of measles cases. Georgia has seen six confirmed. Measles cases this year, but none has been reported in Clayton county. WBZ news time six fifty.

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