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Often times been appropriately responded to I clearly she looks at every loophole is so we're going to close those loopholes on Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel fox news the Bucks county sheriff's office in Georgia being sued by a group of sex offenders over signs placed in their yards as Halloween approaches according to the suit **** county sheriff's office employee they had no legal authority to play signs in the yards of sex offenders notifying trick or treaters not to visit those homes the posting first took place last October and plaintiffs claim is cause them anxiety and you may not be Millie ation they say the suit claims there was no law or legal obligation requiring them to display warning sign the suit was filed as the offenders anticipated that share of Gary long will do the same thing this year long appears to be unrepentant and has said that he has a mandate to inform the public of the presence of sexual offenders in each community joining me now is Tony J. powers from fox news is we ask who's on first it's not the Abbott and Costello routine it's who's leading the pack among the Democrats right that is true and it seems like there's a new poll like every you know twelve hours which is what we can probably expect through next year this one is the new Quinnipiac poll was released yesterday and it's a significant in the fact that it has some upper senator Elizabeth Warren with a seven point lead over former vice president Joe Biden in the democratic primary the that is the I think the first time we've seen her with a lead over him that is outside the margin of error right it is more significant than the than the ones we've been seeing usually it's you know two or three points and they kind of fluctuate who's on top and who's not and that is being a usually within the margin of error that we see that which is again important to keep in mind that when these people were asked at this particular poll who would they vote for if the primary were held today twenty eight percent of them said Warren twenty one percent said Biden Sanders of Vermont of course was at fifteen percent and in south bend Indiana mayor PPD judge at force with ten percent you know it's it's a it's just kind of interesting to watch the sort of you know fluctuate and and down but that's life and this is this is more of a search the from Warren that we've seen with other polling this is Quinnipiac do you know what the plus minus what the margin of error was on this thing I'm not sure if you like usually anywhere from two to four PM yes usually right smack dab in the middle there like three point five something like that but you know what this comes hot on the heels of a CNN poll that came out on Wednesday that showed Biden had the big lead on more thirty four to nineteen percent so I guess it's who who do you believe what do you trust and when was this thing in the field I guess exactly and and and a lot of it I mean you don't know that they wrote they don't you don't have that they're the same exact question right that means that wording I mean it's like I said the you gotta take the lives of the grain of salt and sort of look at the overview of several of them not just the one thing to hang your hat on snapshots in time that's all yeah all right as the name of a new book by the way Snapchat alike and coming to a shelf near you tell you J. parts that have a great weekend thank you all right marketing tactics could be the cause for the recent outbreak in teen vaping according to fox is rob de Rienzo in Boston David girls off Richard is a marketing professor at Emerson College he says big companies of taking a page from big tobacco's playbook hoping to get a younger audience hooked on nicotine a congressional report in July found that one company reportedly paid social media influencers hundreds of thousands of Bucks to make vaping seem cool and safe they were regulated out of being able to advertise on traditional media things like billboards magazine ads TV ads those were suddenly off the table so what they did is they readjusted onto digital media specifically social media in order for the E. CIGS to stay on the market a new set of FDA requirements is forthcoming in Boston rob Arian so fox news one ten U. S. representative Elijah Cummings who died last Thursday lay in state and national hall at the U. S. capitol yesterday in his last days Ripper did have Cummings a Democrat was a key figure in the impeachment inquiry into president Donald Trump as the chair of the committee on oversight and reform former president Barack Obama due to speak at his funeral today joining me now is Michael by our from our twenty four seven network as we talk about the impeachment inquiry morning Michael let's start off with Attorney General Barr yeah so we're hearing word today that the New York City bar is having an issue with bill bar on Wednesday they called for Attorney General bill Barr to recuse himself from any ongoing or future review by department of justice of Ukraine related issues and asserted that if he does not do so he should resign or face public all about pace possible removal from his job by Congress now that **** Tatian if you will they say appears to point to his primary obligation as loyalty to the president rather than to the nation and that's where their big concern is they they're specifically talking about that July twenty fifth phone call that we all got the partial transcript from where in that president trump is putting pressure on you green prep Ukraine a presidential in theologically and with that he says why don't you talk to bill Barr multiple times within that time frame in the phone call and that's something that the bars association says is an absolute bad move for bill party needs to step aside because his name is mentioned in there but also because the justice department reviewed the complaint to determine if you should open an investigation into whether campaign finance violations have been committed and ultimately determined there was no sufficient predicate to do so now the decision technically made by the assistant Attorney General Brian bench counts he so bar was not recused from the matter but was aware of the discussion and about the whistle blower complaint mentioning him in that verbatim so concerns there from the legal world as to the standing of bill Barr and if he should recuse himself was the number two GOP senators saying about the bill Taylor's testimony well what you're getting from the number two GOP senator John you in in in the from South Dakota is saying that you while he has heard some of the testimony not all of the testimony from bill tell most people have not seen all the testimony from bill K. unless you were in that room he said that it was difficult to draw a hard and fast conclusions from what he had seen in the closed door testimony but that the picture from the initial report was not a good one for Republicans he said I would say again that until we have a process that allows everybody to see it is in full transparency it's pretty hard to draw any hard fast conclusions but at the end of the day this was not a good but not a good one if you are not a good report for Republicans going forward any thoughts in the ideas in the peeps about when the public will be you know able to see some transparency here with this impeachment inquiry well I guess wrong for the most part depends on who you talk to you know there there is push going on right now in Washington DC allegedly from house Democrats that want to make the impeachment inquiry as public is mid November the the that push coming up the Republicans you might remember the other day storm the hearing room well they're looking at possibly making a public portion of this inquiry happened Democrats open to question will bill Taylor the head of the U. S. in back embassy in Kiev and the former Ukraine ambassador Marie of bondage that they've already question behind closed doors are thinking about those two would be to to at least at this point they want to break out and been put into a public sphere on some level all right Michael by our from our twenty four seven network Michael have a great weekend thank you enjoy your weekend off the vice president slamming the NBA's business dealings in China so he's getting involved in this whole thing is fox's bent Apollo Tano vice president Mike pence Thursday last at the NBA for what he saw as their countering the Chinese government in their stand off over a tweet from Houston Rockets executive Daryl Morey in support of pro democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong earlier this month some of the NBA's biggest players and owners who routinely exercise their freedom to criticize this country.

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