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You are now listening to for all nurture a podcast about geek. And pop culture from the perspective of people of color for all nerves is hosted by DJ, Ben. I mean, Tatyana king Jones, and Jeff J our show is edited and produced by Ben I mean, and for all nurture is a member of the Laos because network where we always say recipe, so our founder combat Jack for all nurture was powered by listeners. Everything we do from our podcasts live events. Our website are all independently funded please continue to support us. Do our patriotic page at patriotair dot com slash for all nerds rogue. The sooner. What? Episode of the four. Show, and it is is the loud tonight Tatyana king. Jones also known as store explorer Miller. Shea fever def jam vendetta. Hello, kitty, Pryde, Carello chill and Edward Scissorhands. And I am joined by what what what it is Jeff aka brainiac. Five wrecks the kid. Seven nine nine problems miles. Morales sets the wizard of Oz core Jason memos and I am in Russia. Fierce guy. Just I'm trying to think which was my favorite drink related ones. As most or run punch, man. I damn I forgot Rome. Toby why had a whole ass illustration for you notes were all Mr.. Me. But I did the malls says he gave me that one. Yeah. Bungee of riches. Yes. Lots of riches. But as richest another reason because it's black. Black history. Riches, mahogany, which is what's the bike thing. You've done all month. Damis only been what for as you. Gotta get started. I was on midnight was the blackest thing I've done so far used the last bit of cocoa butter. You know, when you have to beg it out. Well, you have to take off the top begging. Oh, you have a circle your hand that by Vitit? I kinda similar took the top off. The lotion is continuously trying to get that pop in a friend of mine told me he was gonna put plastic on his couch. This mother stuff happening some new school some star. There's a lot. Yes. But happy history month a lot has already occurred. Maybe not to the most positive stuff that has happened. So I I'm feeling a little like taking a because I'm just like supposed to be a celebration as mother, and it's just like the worst keeps celebration of shoot much. Yes. Some wash it. But I mean, there's some good shit too. You know, that says speaking of blackness, I have a question for you. Jeff an answer for you. I don't know if you do have an answer. So there's been this thing making the rounds on Twitter and last Cup last week really about Batman. And as you know, it was supposed to be the most recent or upcoming Batman, whatever decided to come out to be played by bat flick Ben Affleck, but you know, he he left for personal reasons. And now the cowl the mantle is open. There's been some talk with some people saying, oh, well, why don't you have a black person? Be batman. They actually named Daniel Qaluwa as a potential candidate for that. Black men. Black men don't you didn't have to do that. None on on on on. Chew blackman. That was a necessary. Oh god. But yeah. But because of that actually got the creative juices going for a few people to Mel Bouli who's a well known writer. He actually got this. I don't know twenty tweet thread on about how he would make it work. And there was a lot of talk about a slightly to the back story. Because as we know, Bruce, Wayne's typical. White bread white man really rich comes from money all that stuff. So they're inherently you have to change that story. Do you do well on the other side of things people are saying that why do you make Batman white Batman black just do a new character? Forget that let him be white 'cause he was always widely him BYA. What is your take on it? So I used to be in the camp that bond could it be black, and it wasn't until my friend good friend of mine who's actor. We were having a back and forth where I said, there's no way JAMES BOND can be black. It makes no sense eagles why? Because he'd been why? Right. He's like he's like there's nothing about his race that makes bond bond grid. Right. So why is it that you feel like there couldn't be a black Monty's double o seven? He's an agent Haney. Anybody could be an agent bond could heal a woman unless you're talking about JAMES BOND the character JAMES BOND Mela, right Jane bond, I feel like that's a rapper. But it is you're thinking of Janelle Monae. It is there it is so rapidly. And when I tell you you have those enlightening moments in your life where the lights which just turns on. Yeah. And you all of a sudden see from another person's perspective and agree. I agreed with that having said that I don't think batmans race has anything to do with Batman the character other than getting jokes off about being he he's a cop. He's a Republican who just dresses up at night. He doesn't use his money to help the people. He just throws them into an asylum. I mean, it's we're going on if we're going to jettison nuance out of this conversation. Just get Joseph. I will do that. You know, I'm always, but I will say this. I don't think the back story has to be changed. Because why couldn't we imagine a rich black man whose parents get murdered? And he goes through the there's nothing about his process that screams. Bruce, Wayne has to be white unless you want to say like what black people, you know, with Butler's bubble about this dirt, but we had a whole series fresh prince of Bel-Air, right? We had a bunch of them. I don't think his race. What I will say is. I don't know if it should be primer. Batman like this. This part of the like if it was another part of the multi verse because they're doing the whole else worlds or DC world's thing. They can have a the Batman that's on of. In a part of the multi for similar to the prime earth. Where Batman is black. They've done day done. It with superman they've done it with other characters. So I could say that working that into the main working into the main universe similar to what they did with miles Morales. Although it's a little different. But I don't know if it would work on the prime earth. But I don't see any reason to change the actual essence of who. Batman is just because he's black right? Well, the argument is that not necessarily change the entire backstory. Yes, he can still be this wealthy from wealth generational type of leader. But they're good point that has been shared was the fact that because he is black in presumably America with this wealth. They are going to have slight differences in how he's come up. There are going to be slight differences in how he's perceived by the outside world, right? And then you gotta take into it. If you're talking about a Batman story. You're also talking about Bruce Wayne story, so HAMAs. He factor into that situation. Are you would you then place them in the same exact place with way manner

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