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And whether all the 8s. It's three O 6, Thursday morning. Just over a week after a tanker truck crash and explosion that happened on U.S. 15 killed the truck's driver and started a fire that actually damaged nearby homes. Residents of the Frederick community, where it happened, coming together in this week to share their concerns with state and local leaders about this. Some complained about a lack of notification to residents nearby about what was going on that day. So I'm just wondering how the city plans on improving their communications in emergencies like this. Other residents raise their concerns about the road just being dangerous overall. There are so many people speeding on that road. It is incredible. Some called for speed cameras, others, big sound barriers. The barriers are coming in 2026 according to Andrew Radcliffe with Maryland's Department of Transportation, he says in the meantime, guardrails will go up as soon as this weekend. To the guardrail will provide a safety measure to help keep vehicles on the highway that apparently leave the road. In Frederick, Mike Morello, WTO P news. If three O 7 on WTO, a man accused of pointing laser locally at a fairfax county police helicopter, just last week, has been arrested this week and charged with interfering with the operation of an aircraft. We are able to put our thermal camera on the subject and see him actually pointing the laser at us. Andrew edgerton was the pilot of the fairfax county police helicopter, flying overhead and lorden when a green laser started shining in. I was able to maneuver the nose of the helicopter to effectively block the laser from entering the cockpit. It gives you an idea of how dangerous this can be up in the air. The 25 year old suspect, Cameron van vliet was arrested, edgerton says this sort of thing has happened before, and he says it needs to stop. Hopefully, the public can learn of the dangers that lazing an aircraft can cause. Nick all I know. FBI agents this week raided Roy McGrath's Florida home on Wednesday midweek two days after the one time top 8 to former Maryland governor Larry Hogan failed to appear Monday in Baltimore federal court to stand trial and corruption charges. Now we're told that McGrath's wife, Laura brunner, was at home during the raid, those in charge say that she is fully cooperating with authorities this week, the U.S. marshal service declared McGrath, a wanted fugitive. He's accused of stealing hundreds of thousands from the state, including what prosecutors call a fraudulent severance payment of more than a quarter

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