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Please go to mypillow dot com and use the code eric and before I've been confused yeah I was just saying things are going crazy. And i meant like out there and i'm sitting here in the studio and you're wearing literally. What looks like a tin foil hat. You look like a keebler l. For you look like a like a hershey's kiss your intention been happening. You see the day on here. this is a i. Don't see d. hold on. This is a radio program people. I've got to describe this for who are not this on video. Ladies and gentlemen we're sitting in the studio everything seemed sort of normal and you're wearing a tin foil hat with a big blue de circled You've got like a badge a d. badge on the tin foil hat alvin. Can you explain to the audience and to the host of the show. Eric metaxas what is going on. Well this is the official. Dnc issued conservative misinformation blocker. So just now. Here's an example. Now i saw your lips moving. But i couldn't hear everything you're saying because it was working because it blocks any misinformation from any car wait so biden and the dnc or issuing they're going to. Are they going door to door. Yeah yeah the same time. They're finding out if you were vaccinated. They're giving you one of these tin foil half so you can make sure that you don't getting this or miss in from aj so so this hat was given to you who was paid for by tax dollars and the dnc is handing these out to keep you from hearing what i like to call the truth and what they like to call misinformation. I'm getting half of what you're saying because it's working. I should take the head off so we can. We can understand each other. It's the espn so can you hear me now equals four. Did you hear that. Yes goes for not now only two sexes and only two genders. I heard that. But back on because i know i know you don't want to hear that stuff yeah listen. America's has been fundamentally transformed innate. One of be careful and be sure that it doesn't get transformed back. So so when obama had his prediction two thousand eight he said it was going to be fundamentally transform. Yeah we're living in it right now but if you wear this hat you're going to be happy with okay folks so it's kind of like the the opium of the asses. They're kind of interesting. I gotta say that's you know obviously it's a biblical reference to bail ask so the asses. That's that's beautiful that you can put that hat on and every everybody's happy. Yeah now and the air quote up. President joe biden. He won't sniff your hair if you're wearing this as well for young ladies out there if you wanna protect yourself from those presidential sniffs but actually the good news is. He's not actually president. He's just playing that role so album. I still. I'm trying to understand. You mean that the government is going door to door and they're not just asking if you've been vaccinated by the way i should say to my audience if somebody comes to your door and ask you questions like that. I hope you have a big dog and you let it out at that moment or if you have a gun you might wanna. You might wanna let that person know that. They're not welcome on your property. Because that kind of intrusion in america it's pretty sick. Hey album i just notice. You're wearing a mask. A with the hat. I'm getting more properly. Attired here for the dnc. This is great. isn't it now. see. Now i'm ready. I'm ready for the new world the government and it's wonderful. I'm joining it amandus. I'm not. I'm protecting you and me at the same time of the i just love the fact that because you're such a patriot You're wearing the mask even even though it's completely unnecessary and foolish you don't care you're doing it. Love pure love of country And now you're putting on the eye patch for the pirate. Pandemic people know that. There's a new that there's a new pandemic pirate pandemic and that it enters through the right eye. That's that's correct. People didn't know about that. So i know the government is asking us to wear eyepatches and of course mine is at the cleaners. But it'll it'll be out soon and it's so important that we show our patriotism by covering up every conceivable orifice our ears our next. But i guess if you wear the hat. You can't hear bad stuff so that that even works for you said shorts delightful eric but the only thing is just hoping that can come up with something to help. Protect me from your white privilege. That's the next thing there has to happen. Nothing can protect you from my white privilege. Even i'm a victim of it. Don't you understand folks alvin. This is really. This is so important that my audience understand that the government wants to take care of us. They wanna block every bad thing every media or That might hit you or your family every disease every bad thing. They're here to make us feel comfortable thing. Thank you government. thank you very much. thank you government. I love big brother. I love big brother. This is i feel like this is something that john's murck made up. It's it's it's amazing that this is really happening that you're wearing a tin foil hat and an eye patch and my twin brother also wearing these things i know that he is. I know that he is by the way you talk about smear ac i know he was on earlier I didn't hear a word. He was saying because i was wearing my official. Dnc tinfoil hat. That's the whole thing is if you don't wanna hear his mirek grab one of these hats knob and i'm just so glad that you're finally going along with the program. Our government is trying to help his trying to help us. We're on they don't want you don't want to be harmed by the truth and stuff like that to everything more more basic to share with our audience this it. Can they hear about neutral medics. They can.

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